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Mr & Mrs Maxwell's All Day Breakfast

By Sunday, April 17, 2016 , , , ,

Drinking options are aplenty in the Telok Ayer-Ann Siang area, but how about brunch fare? Getting on the brunch wagon is Mr & Mrs Maxwell's with their new all day breakfast menu available from 7am to 7pm daily. But.. does it work? Or are they better remaining as a drinking type of restaurant bar at the hippy The Club Hotel
Tuck into comfort food such as Corned Beef Hash or an English Fry up here. But ascomfort food goes, you're eating it for sentimental reasons. Would I pay $16 for something I can make at home? I guess not. The Lobster Omelette ($16) on toasted sourdough only had a few pieces of crustacean and they did not add to any flavor to the omelette. It was.. just another average omelette on toast. 
I had my hopes up when i spotted Ricotta Hotcakes ($14) on the menu, only to have them dashed when i took the first bite.
The pancakes lacked the fluffiness and felt more like a dense eggless sponge. So nope. Just nope. Not even after i slathered on the truffle honey and ricotta cream cheese. They deserve a better vehicle into my mouth. 
The Angus beef Club Burger ($24) with Cheddar, Emmental, caramelized onions, and candied bacon, salvaged brunch a little. I can't resist a fat juicy patty! Do it the meatless way, for the buns aren't worth the calories, even when buttered and toasted.
While the Crêpe Suzette ($16) wasn't the best that I've tasted, the intense sweetness and tartness excited my palate at the very least. If you're a sucker for theatrics and unwilling to pay more for the same live experience of crepe making at Henri Charpentier, then this will do. The crepes could be thinner and the flavor more nuanced, but the generous amount of orange liquor helped make everything better. 
About the Baked Alaska ($16), well, I don't get this dessert still and MMM's flambéd version with cotton candy didn't change my mind on this dessert. Isn't it just ice cream with the melty marshmallow sorta meringue? #notimpressed 
The drinks were a tad more interesting than the food. Fresh juices and smoothies such as Citrus Beauty ($9), Greek Goddess ($9, pick this!) or Banana Cheesecake ($12). The Truffle Martini ($18) didn't do it for me (tasted of burnt coffee) but my dining companions seemed to enjoy it. Must be the alcohol talking. 
Verdict? The Club is a chic hotel and it has other F&B offerings worth checking out, like The Disgruntled Chef or the exotic Peruvian bar Tiger's Milk. As for brunch, you're better off taking your calories elsewhere e.g. Gaest, Sarnies, or My Awesome Cafe.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell's
28 Ann Siang Rd Singapore 069708
Tel: +65 6808 2181
Sun - Thu: 7am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 7am - 12am

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