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Red Baron Cafe & Bar Singapore

By Saturday, April 09, 2016 , , ,

I cannot imagine anyone heading over to Gillman Barracks for no good reason at all, other than to visit a pop up gallery; you lost your way around; or possibly if you're dating and the boy is trying to impress you with his hipster cafe repertoire (lol). Well, in the last scenario, the said cafe that we visited was the artsy Red Baron, a bakery cafe opened by the same people behind Artistry
The small-ish woodshed set up serves an all day breakfast, snacks, coffee, craft beer, sodas, tarts and cakes. Dress for the weather as the indoor seating is very limited, that or come back at night for a super chill drink.
I was all set to have the highly raved about Gula Melaka French toast ($7) but i was informed that they have stopped selling it due to the crowd that the toast attracted? I wondered what that meant. Perhaps too many accidents have happened with fools placing their food on the road for that perfect IG shot. So instead of that gorgeous carb and sugar breakfast, i settled for the DC Breakfast ($16) because eggs are always the best/next best thing. This Mediterranean plate is a step up from the usual eggs ben- smoky roasted vegetables and mushrooms, with hummus and avocado, Such a wholesome meal with eggs and that fluffy multigrain. 
The Beefy Ploughman ($14) sounded tastier than IRL. The striploin was too thin and dry, and we felt that it was lacking in cheese to bind the ingredients together. In this case, more of everything would definitely have been better (juicy meat please). Skip this, and go for the inventive Quinoa Goreng perhaps. Or simply start and end with desserts pronto. 
The cakes at Red Baron looked amazing- think dense, moist, and rich cakes sitting around looking pretty in the glass display. As stuffed as we were, we had to get a slice of that Purple Carrot Cake ($8). Love those tender chunks of carrot in the cake. It's not as rich as Cedele (LURVE their carrot cake) but this has a light sweetness to it. 
The coffee wasn't as acidic as the Artistry ones so it was still palatable. So fret not if you're stuck at Gillman. You should be well fed by The Naked Finn, and the Red Baron Cafe.
Gillman Barracks, 45 Malan Road, Singapore 109455 
Tues - Sun: 11am - 6pm 
(Closed on PH)

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