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Best Sunday Champagne Brunch- Raffles Hotel Bar & Billiard Room

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I'm not a buffet fan but after all that judging for the Weekender Food Mania Awards 2016, I'm practically a buffet expert. SO it is with great pleasure to announce that I have found the BEST CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH IN SINGAPORE (ok chill) and it is BAR & BILLIARD ROOM at Raffles Hotel Singapore (sorry can't get over the excitement)!
No seriously, if I have to pay for a buffet, Bar & Billiard Room can take my money NAO. Well, Raffles Hotel is honestly the best place to waste your Sunday away at (such gorgeous grounds) and BBR oozes class and fun. I would liken it to a fabulous house party thrown by your best foodie friend I.e. ME (haha)! I was sold once they brought the magnums of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose around and started filling our glasses. OH YAASSS. 

We were overwhelmed by the massive spread of appetizers, none of which are your run-of-the-mill sort of stuff. We feasted on the best mix of vegetables- artichokes, beets, tapenade, quinoa, ripened vine tomatoes, eggplant, and smoked/cured meats- salmon, duck, ham, chicken. 
Shooters make for easier eating and while you can easily grab some of that Maine Lobster with Avocado & Black Truffle; King Prawns; and Parma with Burratina from the cold cuts area, you should also walk to the other end of the room where the the live stations are. DO NOT BE LAZY. That short walk will reward you with that fat creamy foie gras with pea purée
Also, the other highlight is the UNI SCRAMBLED EGGS. While i wasn't impressed with the eggs (they seemed more like mashed potato?), i would die for that uni. Oh no it's not even any of that nonsense uni sauce, there were tongues of uni in every little cup. 
All that amazing cheeses (about 40 varieties) hard, soft, cow, goat, bleu (they were oh so pungent and savory).. With dried fruits, quince paste, jams, and a delicious array of artisanal breads to go with. You can't go wrong with the sourdough selection (with cheese, multigrain and more), or that lovely Sundried tomato ciabatta that i devoured with the salted Echire butter (lovely)! I was upset that i couldn't fit in any of the glorious flaky croissants and quiches! :( 
Obviously my preferred starter is cheese. ;) 
All that lovely cold cuts, and sides of foie gras in terrine and marbre form. Pair them with the melons of course or on the lovely brioche. 
Seafood wise, you wouldn't be disappointed with fresh and plump lobster, prawns, oysters, and more..
How about some hot seafood? Do not miss the gorgeous scallop with potatoes, leek risotto and black truffle! 
On to the meats! Do not miss the Iberico pork ribs for your life. Seriously that fatty tender meat was so well marinated with a well balanced sweetness. It could do with some char but was delicious nonetheless. I had seconds. And I did not share.

That Omaha Beef tenderloin is one of the smoothest piece of meat that I have had! Want something more manly? There's also the Australian grain-fed rib on bone; Welsh lamb (both saddle and rack with herbs form); and duck too!
Pair them with sides of potato gratin, eggplant parmigiana, creamed spinach, creamy leeks with ham, or pasta even.

I took too many trips to beautiful desserts table of course. It was hard to find fault with what was available! I loved the homemade chocolate chunk with nuts, mixed nut tart, salted caramel Saint Honor (such lovely choux with smooth cream), hazelnut opera, coffee caramel cream and MORE! 
SO PLEASE, TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY Bar & Billiard Room! Save all your buffet money for this people but it's worth that decadent Sunday afternoon. Sunday brunch runs from 12 to 3pm weekly. It's $198/$218 for the Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve/Brut Rose, or $158 for a selection of wines, beers, juices, and signature Singapore Sling.

Trust me, the best Sunday Champagne Brunch experience right here at Raffles Hotel Singapore.

Bar & Billiard Room 
Raffles Hotel Singapore
1 Beach Road Singapore 189673
Tel: +65 6412 1816

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