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Trip Report- Singapore-Narita SQ B777-300ER

By Wednesday, May 02, 2018 , ,

It's been a while since i'm back on my favorite Singapore Airlines Business Class! I know i know.. I'm saving it up for that big one to NYC you see. Anyhow, this was a rather special trip for us- It's Jr's first time on SQ biz (i was really excited when i booked it); and i came back from Japan engaged, and with a broken tendon! Yeah.. 2018 hasn't had a dull moment yet!
A quick stop at the SilverKris lounge was all we could manage pre-flight. The lounge was so packed! Our supper was the signature prawn noodles (love the broth) and carrot cake (i ate a fair amount of this even though i claimed i wasn't hungry), plus a mean G&T made by yours truly. 
Given that we were on the B777-300ER, i assumed that it was going to be the SQ's “new” business class product but it's the old one! BOOOO... That said, it's still better than their old regional product (read my review on the old regional A330 here).
#FWP i shadn't complain. I do love the old business class anyway. Their seat width is one of the widest in its class, up to 34-inch wide and with a pitch of 55. Yes this is larger and wider than the new 777-300ER seats. The 1-2-1 forward-facing cabin layout gives you that aisle access no matter where you sit ). 
Oh, and we were one of the first to try their free Wifi onboard (like finally SQ). 
Here's the sleeper service menu. SQ now allows you to preview the menu pre-flight now, so i was able to decide if i wanna use the Book-The-Cook service or not. Well for flights to Japan, i'd always order the onboard Japanese meal. Also, you could choose to have your meal immediately (for supper), or to have it pre-landing (an early breakfast). We chose the latter and after informing the attendants, we promptly went to bed in our fully-flat bed that comes complete with linen, duvet, and pillows.
I've become quite the pro at making my own bed in Business class i must say. I thought i would be occupied with the movies but i fell into a deep sleep and Jr had to wake me up for breakfast because the attendants couldn't! Partly because i was plugged into their on-board noise cancelling headphones too. :P
Jr had the BTC Classic Lobster Thermidor, which was as good as i remembered it to be. Creamy chunky lobster that wasn't too dry.  
My Hanakoireki wasn't too bad as well, if not a bit plain. This works as a traditional Japanese breakfast though. Other than the rice and pickles, there were also omelette, herring roe, turnip salad, grilled yellowtail teriyaki, stuffed tofu with chicken, mixed vegetables, and an assortment of vegetables. 
A quick review of the ANA's services at Haneda and New Chitose Airport, since we were enroute to Furano for snowboarding. If you're flying premium class or if you're an elite frequent flyer on Star Alliance, there is a dedicated check-in. This definitely makes traveling a breeze! The ANA lounges for domestic travel aren't great though. Drinks (draft beer, whiskys, sakes, juices and soft drinks) and a snack is provided (assorted Japanese rice crackers) at the lounge.

The international lounge at Narita fared better in terms of food options. There were some sushi rolls, hot finger food, sandwiches, and salad. Go around the corner to the noodle bar, where you can order your choice of udon, soba, and curry. The kakiage wasn't that great, and it's not nice soaked in the soup as well. Will probably do the curry next time.
A quick slurp of soba and 1 Creamia soft serve later, we were on board our flight back to Singapore and welcomed by the signature Beef and Chicken Satay!
Book-The-Cook is not available on the Narita-Singapore leg. I contemplated having the Western option but caved in to more Japanese food! 
Sake seemed to be the natural pairing. :) Can't remember much about the first course other than the rather springy udon. 
The meats were a lot better and i tried really hard not to eat so much rice but Japanese flavored rice is too hard to resist! 
Refreshing Japanese fruits with jelly to end the meal... Or so i thought!
More fruits and cheese went around! And more desserts too! Jr had the rich chocolate mousse while i nibbled on cheese and nuts.
Singapore Airlines, always a great way to fly! Till the next one!


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