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Min Jiang Chinese New Year 2020

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I'm not a fan of crowds (or human contact) in general and Chinese New Year is a chore for me. Have you had one of those super rushed reunion dinners at restaurants which have 3 seatings in 1 night? I mean, i already don't like people and i still gotta be hangry?? Well thankfully, there are now decent CNY takeaway meals by Goodwood Park Hotel's Min Jiang and Min Jiang at Dempsey to the rescue.
I enjoyed Min Jiang's (GWP) Joyful Abundance Yusheng ($168++/$179.75 nett, large portion only)., which is a fresh and refreshing salad with real salad leaves, alongside the tradition pickled melon strips, crushed peanuts and pine nuts, and sesame seeds. The dressing is a mix of calamansi juice, plum sauce and strawberry jam to provide a mix of acidity and fruity sweetness. Deep-fried cheesy chee cheong fan strips are used if you're dining in but are replaced by the simple but good golden crackers if you do takeaway. There're also fresh baby abalones and raw salmon. 
Follow it with a Pot of Gold ($243.95 nett for 8 pax, includes claypot), a pretty tessellation of braised pork belly alternated with creamy Australian pumpkin for a delicious bite, further adorned with Australian 6-head abalones and broccoli. 
As simple as the dish may sound, the pork belly and abalones have been separately braised in chicken stock and Chinese ham which gives it that extra umami.
Now now, this is what i'd definitely order. The Longevity noodles with baby abalones and roasted Iberico pork loin ($201.15 nett for 6 pax) is a plate that would tantalize your palate. Capellini is tossed in shallot oil, kombu, soy sauce and chives and topped with the cutest braised baby abalones and chopped chives. This is umami at its peak. The Ibérico pork is done char siew style, marinated overnight before seasoning with salt and caramelized with a house-made bbq sauce. 

Takeaways are also available at Minjiang at Dempsey. Their Yusheng is different from that at GWP ($108/$169++).  
Minjiang Dempsey's Five Fortune Takeaway Platter ($104.85 nett for 6 pax) features deep-fried prawns with crispy milk; smoked duck sliced with plum sauce; pan-fried US Kurobuta pork strip with melted onion; crispy soft shell crab with garlic & shallot; and marinated jellyfish. 
The Fortune Delight Crispy Silver Hill Duck with Glutinous Rice is markedly improved from last year as the fattier Silver Hill duck is used ($211.85 nett). I enjoyed the flossy and crispy duck meat with the fragrant glutinous rice. 
For desserts, there's a variety of sweets for takeaway like the Min Jiang's Fortune Koi Fish ‘Nian Gao’ with Red Bean Paste ($36.80++/8pcs) and the Duo of Prosperity Fish (Mango with Pomelo & Sago and Durian Pudding, $118 nett for ten persons). 
Of course, i'd also highly recommend some of Min Jiang's snacks. Their bak kwa is super addictive though on the pricey side ($56 nett for 600g, $88 nett for 1kg) and their Crispy Kangkong with Cheese and Sour Cream ($26.80 nett) would certainly start a new craze in town. These chips taste like chicken flavored Twisties! Also don't miss the Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Root Chips ($36.80 nett). 

Place your orders with Min Jiang Goodwood Park Hotel or Dempsey, and The Deli at GWP if you still haven't done so!

Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221 
Tel: +65 6730 1704

7A and 7B Dempsey Road, Singapore 249684
Tel: +65 6774 0122
Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.30pm - 10.30pm 

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