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Rebel Rebel

By Saturday, February 27, 2021 , , , ,

Let's face it, wine can be intimidating. And we're lucky to have the daring Rebel Rebel (and RVLT) which breaks down the stiffy French attitude and promises a ton of fun and adventure with their selection of down-to-earth, small-batch, and handcrafted wines that are terroir driven. Fret not if you're a newcomer to the wine world, Rebel Rebel offers wine by the glass and has a good mix that is rotated weekly, so you'd be able to try something new without having to commit. There's a curated range of over 200 wines priced from under  $100 to over $200 range if you wish to stick to the bottles. 
The bold wine-bar concept is supported an equally daring food menu by Burnt Ends alumnus Deborah Yeo, who throws together a exciting fusion cuisine. We started with slices of sourdough ($8) because we needed something to dip into the Pork Fat ($6), a translucent cream that is whipped fat topped with topped with crunchy farro and barley and some honey for a touch of sweetness. Something must have been wrong with my taste buds that night because i couldn't taste the gaminess ("porkiness") of the fat until i was almost done with the bread. It was enjoyable for me till then. You either love lard or hate it. 
We then went with another toasty snack, the Prawn ($14/2pcs). This smelled exactly like Otah but tasted more like a Thai prawn cake. While reading the reviews, i originally decided not to add on the uni to the toast because the overall spices would overpower the fresh sweet uni. Also, i thought the price was a tad pricey ($28 add on for 2 toasts) for a few pieces of uni. Well, all willpower vanished when the server asked if i'd like uni. So yes, it was a regretful move but i made sure to savor the uni on its own. 
Pick the Hamachi salad ($24) if you're looking for a refreshing plate in between the heavy ones. This Asian salad with Kumquat is almost like the Chinese Yu Sheng that we eat during Chinese New Year, but less diabetic. The bright salad was adorned with fresh slices of yellowtail. We could certainly do with a bigger portion. 
Then there was the much raved Pig's Head Tagliatelle ($28), which a friend recommended that we go for spicy. The result was a sweat-inducing, mouth numbing, stomach churning level of spice. Moral of the story, don't overestimate your tolerance for spice. While many have said that this dish reminds them of Ba Chor Mee (the local hawker-style minced pork noodles), we found it to be nothing like such, with the exception for the mee-pok looking pasta. The flavors are assaulting with the sharp acidity of the lime and heat from the chili padi. The chewy tagliatelle (yes chewy and also stachy-sticky) is tossed with fried pig's ears and other parts of the hog head that i tried not to picture. The crunch contrasted jarringly with the noodles, which Jr wasn't too crazy about. He also thought that the porkiness was quite apparent. Needless to say, we'd probably not order this dish again. 
Rebel Rebel is one interesting wine bar which serves atypical wines and food. It could be fun to check out every now and then if you're looking for some fun. If you're confused about whether we enjoyed it, well, we didn't quite actually. Our palates aren't taking to natural wines as yet. Perhaps it's something that we may grow into eventually. The dishes were also pricy for the small-ish portions and the flavors are a tad too much. As much as i really wanted to like Rebel Rebel, i doubt we'd be back anytime soon. 

14 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089828
Tue - Sat: 5 - 11pm 
Tel: +65 94317040

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