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Violet Oon Plant-based and Gluten-free menu

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Vegans and Vegetarians rejoice! Homegrown restaurant Violet Oon has launched an extended menu of plant-based and gluten-free specialties at its Clarke Quay outlet Violet Oon Singapore Satay Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy smoke-kissed dishes alongside your meat loving friends. 
Expect big flavors with the use of regional spices, rempahs, house-made sauces, and the smoky sear of the grill. 

For starters, the Eggplant Goreng Dip with Emping Crackers ($17) was irresistible with the light bitterness of the belinjau nut crackers, balanced with the savoury coriander-infused eggplant purée. We got hold of some green chili sambal and boy it was a killer combination. 
The Grilled Cauliflower Sambal Tumis ($19) packs a smoky punch but I must warn that moreish sambal sauce requires a refreshing cocktail to extinguish the heat. Thankfully the cocktails at Violet Oon are perfect for that. Go for the Assam cocktail, it's my favorite of the lot.
Meatless Meatball Rendang ($18) was a soft mix of walnut, cheese and Impossible meat dumpling, braised in a spiced creamy coconut cream sauce. Honestly no one would have known that this was meat free. Certainly one of my favorite dishes on the menu. 

On to mushrooms, a crowd favorite is the Kunyit Lemak King Oyster Mushroom ($24), which sees a full-bodied grilled meat oyster mushrooms coated in an earthy turmeric-infused coconut sauce. 
A meatless rendition of the Peranakan classic Babi Pong Tay, the Mushroom Pong Tay ($20) is made with Shiitake Mushrooms and bamboo shoot braised in a rich soybean stew flavoured with cinnamon and cloves topped with fresh green chilli. Perfect with a bowl of jasmine rice.
Beancurd lovers have the choice of the Tau Hu Goreng ($11) or the Garam Assam Tau Kwa with Pineapple and Pink Ginger Flower ($20). The former is almost like a rojak with julienned cucumber and peanut, while the latter is topped with a tangy pineapple compote that also features on Violet Oon's popular Garam Assam Barramundi.
The Jagung Bakar Pedas Manis ($18) brought back fond memories of surfing in Bali and having a grilled corn on the beach after. This chargrilled corn on the cob is coated with a spiced sauce (which i didn't think was spicy) and a topping of feta cheese. 
Now if you were only to have one dish at Violet Oon, make it the Nasi Goreng Kangkung ($23). It's full of wok hei and spices, fried together with kang kung and fried tofu. We preferred this to the Buah Keluak Fried Rice ($25) which was a tad too oily and rich but somehow bland.
Ending on a sweet note, i found myself taking repeated bites of the Kueh Beng Kah ($15) a lightly chewy tapioca kueh. If you love sweets, the Pulut Hitam with Dairy-Free Coconut Ice Cream ($14) is packed with sweet gula melaka though i must say that dairy-free ice cream is just too watered down.
Violet Oon's plant-based menu would satisfy veg and non-veg diners alike. We were thoroughly satiated and satisfied with our meal and would recommend repeat visits! Also, you could take home Violet Oon's range of traditional sauces and sambals to elevate your home cooking. The range also include vegan options too. 

Violet Oon Singapore Satay Bar & Grill

3B River Valley Road #01-18, Clarke Quay Singapore 179021 
Tel: +65 9834 9935
Mon- Sat: 6 - 10.30pm

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