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KOAL- Light to Night Grill by Les Amis

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Joining the numerous grills sprouting over our tiny island is KOAL, the latest addition to Les Amis Group’s array of award-winning restaurants. What sets KOAL slightly apart is that it playfully marries Asian (Japanese, Korean and Chinese) and Western flavours and grilling techniques, to offer diners a light to night dining experience. 
Our night at KOAL started with a smorgasbord of starters and sharing plates. Jr enjoyed the Chunky Salmon with Coriander and Green Chili Dressing ($12), which was like a spicy and tangy South East Asian ceviche. 
I'm a carb monster and i love a good dinner roll. KOAL’s Bread Roll with Bacon and Grilled Spring Onions, Sour Cream and Chive Butter ($8) was a fragrant and fluffy one though i thought it could be salted further. 
My vote goes to the Crispy Pork Riblets ($16) with a smattering of peanut and sesame. The meat had a nice crispy Mala Honey glaze over it. I enjoyed picking up a piece and gnawing off a juicy bite off the bone. I would probably skip the Scallion Salad ($6) in the future. This was more like a condiment for me though i guess it helps to cut through the greasiness of the meats with its spicy sesame soy dressing. 
For the meat plates, we had the Hanging Tender (180g $24) which was perfect for us- a nice crusty sear and a pink inside. The meats each come with a choice of sauce- a Japanese style yakiniku no tare with confit garlic, a mild whole grain mustard cream sauce with hints of HP sauce, and an Asian sesame chimichurri which is a tad more pungent and spiced. Our fav was the yakiniku sauce.
We would pick the beef over the super fatty Iberico Collar (180g $19) anytime. This was too fatty imo and there was hardly much meat. 
Apart from KOAL’s meat dishes, they also serve seafood plates include Pan fried Salmon with Kimchi Butter Sauce ($18) and Grilled Tiger Prawns ($16) with Japanese Ikura, paired with the classic zest of Beurre Blanc. Our salmon had a lovely coral flush in the center but there was nothing to shout about the bland kimchi sauce. The accompany kale chips were so charred and oily that i spat it out. 
For sweets, the Hojicha and whiskey tiramisu ($12) was a nice bittersweet and toasty ending. The ladyfingers were generously soaked in whiskey and paired well with the roasty and earthy hojicha cream. I also enjoyed the freshly fried donut (2 for $8). which were fluffy and not too oily. These pillows are piped with your choice of a tangy cheesecake mousse with raspberry coulis or Nutella banana sauce. I would pick the former any time. 

With the grilled meats, there is also a selection of beverages offered to complement the menu. Pick from the list of wines, sakes or have a taste of their house special- a Champagne Makgeoli Ehwabaekju.
In the day, pick from a variety of rice bowls with a variety of grilled meats like US Rib Eye ($42), Iberico Collar ($26), Grilled Chicken Leg (S$22), or Salmon Fillet (S$30) over Japanese rice. Lunches comes with a Starter and Dessert as well.

Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #03-09/10/11 Singapore 228208 
Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm; 6pm - 9.30pm 

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