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Myo Restobar, classic Cantonese food in the CBD

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A Chinese restaurant in the middle of CBD, tucked away on top of a commercial building with no prominent signage in view? You would think that it's quite impossible for them to survive the pandemic, but nope, Myo Restobar still draws in the crowd with their solid dishes featuring 40 years of history and experience from their Kia Hiang roots. You may be drawn in by their Michelin Guide recommended Claypot Spring Chicken but definitely stay for their classic homestyle Cantonese dishes and all-day dimsum.
A bite of the Shitake Mushrooms & Black Truffle Dumpling (3pcs $6) and i knew we had to come back to sample more of Myo's dimsum offering. 
The thin and smooth translucent mochi skin was bursting with the mushrooms and crunchy vegetables filling. It's not huge on the truffle but we enjoyed the flavors just fine.
If you're a fan of the traditional yam ring, you would enjoy the individually portioned Crispy Yam Bag with Scallops ($5 each, min 3pcs) because you get all the goodness of the typical yam ring all in one bite and you will still have space for other dishes. I liked that was crisp and not oily. 
I currently have an aversion to fish and generally all seafood but i was able to stomach the Garoupa Fillet in Claypot with Garlic & Ginger (from $18) and i actually ate more than i expected. The fillet was very lightly seasoned and because Myo only uses the white flesh of the fish, there was no fishy flavors at all. 
The Kia Hiang Claypot Organic Chicken ($28) is what most people go to Myo for. Be comforted that the premium organic chickens did not die in vain- they lived comfortably and listened to classical music, and were also given health supplements (no antibiotics or growth hormones ok). The chicken is enveloped in a sweet cabbage and braised in a rich herbal broth and the overall flavor was on the sweeter side. We probably would have enjoyed this dish a lot more if we didn't eat this at the end of the meal.
We were surprised at the quality of the grilled Miyazaki A5 Wagyu ($40/100g, min 200g). The cut was closer to the chuck so it wasn't too fatty. It's good on its own but you could always add a bit of the black pepper sauce at the side. 
The Sauteed Lobster in Superior Stock ($40 for ½ lobster, min 2 halves: each lobster is about 350g) will cut it for any seafood lover. The lobster was perfectly steamed and it was sitting in this rich whole chicken and prawn bisque stock which should be sold as a soup!
You could also have more seafood goodness in liquid form. The Monk Jumps Over Walls Sans Shark’s Fins ($25/portion) is a double boiled soup of abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, chinese mushrooms, deer tendon, conpoy and chicken. That soup was on the salty side for me but we were assured that no MSG or additional seasoning was used. It was all flavored by the premium dried seafood ingredients. You know it's cooked with love given the collegeny richness of the broth. 
For a balanced meal, we had the Braised Crabmeat & Egg White on HK Kai Lan (from $18). The vegetables were very crunchy and not oily at all and i enjoyed the pumpkin puree with superior stock that the vegetables were served with.
Don't leave without having the Young Coconut steamed with Peach Gum & Egg White ($9). This is available in both hot and cold version and the hot ones are prepared fresh on order (requires a 30 min wait). The cold version is more like a coconut pudding while the hot version is more like a coconut beancurd. Both are equally refreshing. 

Myo Restobar serves some better than average classic homestyle Cantonese dishes at rather affordable prices and currently there isn't a GST charge, which makes dining here even more attractive. 

Myo Restobar
138 Robinson Road #19-01 Singapore S068906
Oxley Tower (Lobby 1) 
Tel: +65 6931 1247
Sun - Fri: 11am - 9pm

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