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I love milk- the full cream, buttery smooth and extremely fatty sort. I love dairy products- all things made from milk, the cheese, the butter, the desserts. When i had my first bowl of dun4 nai3 (steamed milk pudding) in Hong Kong, i fell head over heels in love. It was an addiction. I dreamt about it when i didn't have it, i drool when eating it, i regret not eating more after, and i crave and long for it after i leave the city. Singapore! Why you no have (pardon the Singlish)! 

When it comes to this delicious milky custard, Yee Shun does it the best. Ok maybe i'm just too brand loyal but Australian Milk Company doesn't even come close.  
Anyway, i would aim to have at least 2 bowls of this super silky and soft custard per day when i'm in HK. They are by no means cheap Chinese desserts, each costing about 20-25HKD (i was a poor student then). With the low exchange rates, it just means that i can have more of this delicious sweet.

It's a fuss free service- you place your orders, submit the form, and within minutes you'd be served with the desserts. There are both hot and cold puddings, flavored and original as well. My favorites are the chocolate, coffee (both cold) and the hot ginger milk pudding. The flavors are really intense for the flavored  ones. It's practically like eating solid milk coffee but with a smooth creamy texture. If only they have the Yuan Yang flavored ones. :))

Sadly, i have never found a shuang1 pi2 nai3 or dun4 nai3 that is as nice as Yee Shun. Lao ban is just beancurd, it's not milk. Don't even try to convince me. Also, steamed egg is obviously worlds apart from steamed milk. The texture is just different. You wouldn't understand unless you have tried this. It's out of this world. Apparently it's too much work to make this because you need the freshest ingredients and other technical stuff. Le sigh. Can only look forward to the next HK trip.
Other than the milk pudding, there are other hidden gems at Yee Shun, which i only discovered during my last trip. I've seen people eating snacks e.g. instant noodles, ham and egg sandwiches at YS (they are like a Cha Chan Teng that specializes in desserts) but i remained focused on my desserts. Till one afternoon, we decided to give the Pork Chop bun a shot and it blew my mind.

Absolutely unpretentious appearance- a slab of nicely grilled (ok maybe fried) pork chop sandwiched in a crusty toasted bun, no condiments, no dressings, nothing else. I was quite doubtful of the taste when it was served (i'm an aesthetic person) but the bun is surprisingly soft and fluffy on the inside (you can tell by the height and airy pockets in the whites) and extremely crunchy and crisp on the outside. The meat is tender, juicy and well marinated. I could have a few of these if it were not for the many other meals that i was trying to squeeze into the trip.

Yee Shun Milk Company
513 Nathan Road,
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2374-5460
506 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2591-1837

63 Pilkem Street
Jordan, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2730-2799

246-248 Sai Yeung Choi Street South
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2393-3301

Daily: 11.30am - 12.00am