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Restaurant Review: Hidden Finds- Meii Sushi

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S took me to another of his 'secret finds' near Duxton. I thought we'd be heading to some of the nice Duxton restaurants i've been meaning to try but we ended up under some HDB block at a nondescript, hole in the wall Japanese restaurant called Meii Sushi. Apparently, it's one of Makansutra's K.F. Seetoh's favorite Japanese Omakase meals. For a mere $100, you get an 8 course set which consists of wasabi-spiked marinated octopus sashimi, de-shelled oysters in a soy-laced vinaigrette, sumptuous grilled yellow tail fish cheek, smelt fish tempura as well as sashimi, sushi Value for money? You bet.

The set up is very small, the bar seats 8-10 people and there's another corner that seats another 8. Do make a reservation in advance. Affordable sushi and sashimi sets with a selection of sake.
S and i went with the Sushi set ($25) and Sashimi set ($25). Each  set came with a shredded cabbage salad. The light sesame sauce was citrusy with a tinge of tartness. The sauce brought out the sweetness of the vegetables and despite the initial rawness (i'm obviously not a veg fan), it was very refreshing after a few bites.
We ordered the Agedashi tofu ($8) for starters and i love the light batter which soaked up the flavorful dashi stock. It was sweet, savory and light at the same time. I love the silkened tofu that was soft but did not crumble under the pressure of the chopsticks. The spring onions, wakame and bonito flakes added more dimension to the dish. S was drinking the stock afterwards. Super yums.
For his Sashimi set, S was served 10 chunky pieces of fish which includes salmon, tuna, scallop, octopus, sea bass and sea bream. The salmon sashimi is so buttery and smooth! It was really good. The tuna was ok (Ok is a big deal in my tuna dictionary because i don't like the fishiness of the fish). The sashimi was served with warm rice coated with furikake (Japanese seasoning). I love furikake! I could just have rice balls with that. You could buy them in satchels (available at good supermarkets) and pour over your plain rice for any meal.
The fish was undoubtedly fresh, i have nothing to complain about. Fresh and succulent meat and sweet hotate (it was kinda sticky though..).. The issue was with the fish to rice ratio. Everything was too big. You must be wondering wth am i complaining about right? Sushi is meant to be bite sized, even for little mouths like mine. I was struggling with stuffing the entire piece into my mouth (that's the right and only way to eat sushi). So yea.. it was too big.
The fish was sliced really thick and each piece is huge (longer than my index finger which is 7cm tall). In the end i gave up and ate the fish separated from the rice (i didn't eat much of the rice actually. Read on to find out why.).

I don't like the rice at all. Huge bolus of rice which were waaaaayy too sticky and tending on the dry side. I would say this is hard to stomach. The taste of the rice also didn't complement the fish particularly well, would prefer a little more vinegar in them (they were pretty plain).

Afternote: Meii Sushi has relocated to International Plaza.

Meii Sushi
#02-54, 10 International Plaza
Tel: +65 6220 3466
Mon - Sat: 11am - 2.30pm, 5 - 10.30pm

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