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MyBags: Yves Saint Laurent Easy Bag

By Thursday, March 01, 2012

Been procrastinating about my bag posts. Was meant to write about my Balenciaga First bag which was purchased before my Yves Saint Laurent but since i have been using this more frequently (by that i meant a couple of times a month), i've decided to do this first.

So TADA! My baby textured YSL Easy bag in Ocean Blue. I got this as a Christmas/EOY bonus gift to myself last year but didn't get a chance to use it until recently (long story). I first saw this combination when i was looking for my Ametiste Bottega Veneta (read about it here). I was in a dilemma then because i love both colours. The Ametiste is a shocking pink while this is an iridescent turquoise blue (especially under sunlight). Lq said i should just get both then because that was what's gonna happen eventually and she was right. I got the YSL a month later. :P
The YSL is one of the most understated IT bag. The design is very simple, marked by a Y stitching on both sides of the bag which is so iconic of YSL. You will only see the logo on the zipper so it doesn't scream out loud unlike some monogrammed bags. Other details include rolled double handles, double zip fastening across the top, stud fastening panels on each side (you can expand the bag), feet on base and tonal canvas lining.
I love the thick chewy pebbled leather of my bag. It's absolutely squishy and huggable, I would carry this to bed. Reminded me of the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag which i wanted to get (read about it here). This is kinda like a lighter replacement but a smaller version. I like the medium size but my friends all seem to think that it's too big for me. I was originally eyeing this limited edition eyelet stud medium easy which is sold out all around the world and costs 3000bucks a pop here. Needless to say i didn't think it was worth shelling out the extra 1+k to get it here instead of overseas. 
RGB, primary colors that rock my world. <3<3<3
One of the few modeling pics of the bag. Notice how it's a bright blue as compared to a greyish blue under warm lighting? S thought i got 2 different bags and questioned me when he saw the pics. BOYS. I prefer the bag taller so i would make sure that it's not filled to the brim and there's some weight to hold the bag down. The leather is still not broken in because it's really new. This is quite the right size for me so you can imagine how big the medium would be on me. I look like a pin carrying that. 

Had some big problem with the bag at the start. After 2 use, i noticed cracks all around the lacquer of the handles. I immediately sent it to the store and the SA said that this is a common issue because the leather stretches and it could not be considered a defect?! She even asked if i have been carrying a lot of heavy stuff in them. Seriously wtf? A bag is meant for holding stuff, regardless of how heavy the stuff are or how expensive the bag. Needless to say i was really pissed and annoyed. Anyway they sent it for lacquering and i have been warned that the cracking is inevitable with use. I didn't even hear of such issues on the forum. So anyway, you have been warned. 

Anyway all is fine now, no extra cracks so far. It better stay that way. Nevertheless, a pretty bag and a pretty color to add on to my rainbow collection. My Blue family- Grape Mulberry Alexa, Canard Balenciaga First in RGGH and my Ocean Blue Yves Saint Laurent Easy. YUMS! 

More on my Balenciaga First soon. That would probably take another couple of months since the food posts take up most of my time. :))

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