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Food & Travel Review: Hidden Finds- Kuala Lumpur Yut Kee

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Good Morning folks! It's time for some breakfast food. On days like this, i would be craving for some traditional Chinese breakfast (i do have my non atas days). Why not? It's cheap, it's good and it's served piping hot. YUMS. Chewy and smooth beehoon which is at the right consistency, together with runny sunny side up and FRIED CHICKEN CUTLET. I'm so gonna get some after i'm done writing. Writing about food is so bad for my waistline. :(

Anyway, that's just to whet your appetite. The star of this article is actually Yut Kee, a hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur, which has been serving up traditional Hainanese fare (with a twist) since 1928. Yut Kee is a KL culinary institution, an establishment in fact but apparently few visitors have heard of it (don't say i never share!). My KL friend (Deb) who brought me here was only recently introduced by her friends. Anyway, they have a huge following in the Chinese community (we love porky places!). 

The set up is in an old shop house. News is that Yut Kee is looking to relocate to around the corner because the landlord intends to redevelop the site. What a loss of heritage and tradition. It's sad that culture is always being relegated to the back burner in the light of progress and development. Anyway i was glad that i managed to visit it before the move. It's like stepping into a time capsule, the atmosphere and the food is wholesome and nostalgic (before we have any of the GM crap). I think the closest we have to this is Chin Mei Chin (read about it here).
Yut Kee does a range of Hainanese staples such as pork chops, chicken chops, rice congee. What it is most famous for though is Roast Pork roll with chips and Apple sauce (RM12). They start serving that at 11.30am and sells out within minutes. I caught a glimpse of it but the aroma was the thing that first drew my attention. Sadly, we were too stuffed to try more. 

Deb suggested the Roti Babi (RM 7.50), a luscious bread pocket stuffed with shredded pork and onions that’s dipped in Worcestershire sauce. First look- it's like a ginormous french toast roll. Very plain on the outside but it's full of surprises once you split it open.
The filling is very juicy. I believe there is some turnip in it as well. It tastes pretty much like a popiah, with pork as a replacement. Well marinated with vegetable jus and a hint of dried shrimp. The bread is pillowy soft on the inside and has soaked up the soul of the of the dish. Very enjoyable. It's pretty big so i would suggest sharing so that you can order more dishes.
The french toast with kaya was quite a delight as well. Golden exterior fried to the crisp to be coated with an eggy and lumpy brown coconut paste. The Sg kaya is smoother and has more of the coconut taste with the pandan aroma but this has more character and i think the brownish colour may come from some gula melaka? Just a guess.
Hai Lam Mee Hoon (8RM) is one of the popular breakfast dishes. We accidentally ordered a portion for 2 which was HUGE. This was fried with pork (yay!) and fresh seafood. The consistency of the beehoon was just how i like it- not too dry, perfectly seasoned and a slight chewy texture (i call it mian2 mian2). We only managed to finish a quarter of this and Deb had to pack the rest.
So yea, if you ever head to KL, this is one of the must try. An interesting thing that Deb pointed out to me, Mervyn Lee, the grandson of the restaurant's founder, looks like a dead ringer of his grandfather. Check him out when you are there. His grandfather's picture is on the wall.

For those who are stuck in Sg and lives in the East/North East, the best Economic Bee Hoon IMHO is from Blk 309 Hougang Ave 5. They sell out very quickly (before 10am) and there is always a queue. The chicken cutlet is a Must have! Highly recommended. I think they are closed on Monday or Tuesday. 

Yut Kee Restaurant
35 Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 2698 8108
Tue - Sun: 8am - 5pm (closed Mon)

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