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Burger Den: Two Blur Guys

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There is nothing blur about Two Blur Guys when it comes to their burgers. As much as the dudes insist that they know nothing about F&B, there is something really solid about what they have going on at their 24 seater hole-in-the-wall burger den (as they call it). 
The decor kinda screams Manhattan to us, having just came back from NYC in Dec. An item on the menu also reminded us of a fantastic meal at a particular 'M' restaurant (you go figure which). 
We started with a strong and refreshing, unsweetened Homemade Iced Tea ($3.50). A little more ice would be appreciated on a heat wave day in Feb. 
I could easily let the pictures speak for themselves but I have to rave about how wonderfully juicy (not overly) and tender these freshly made US Top Side Prime Beef patties are. For $12.50, i don't know where else would i be able to get something as awesome as this. There is just the right amount of minced pickles and tomatoes to flavor the patty. Top it with the mayonnaise (truffle apparently but i couldn't taste that) and you have one perfect burger. 
Never ever underestimate the importance of a good burger bun because they are your supporting actors/actresses. A good bun should be able to hold the patties, as well as add texture and a nice buttery flavor to the overall meal experience and THIS is a good bun. TBG produces this wholemeal artisanal bun from their central bakery (they supply pastries and bread to major hotels like RWS) and this type is only available at TBG. 

It would have been the best burger if the patties are  chargrilled to give it the additional smokiness. The cheese could be a little more savory and creamy as these harden after a while (probably mozzarella). Anyhoo, it's definitely better than what i had at Omakase which was overly soggy (read it here). MEH. 

Pulled Pork Burger ($11.50) is what reminded us of M in terms of texture. The flavor comes close with the sweet Asian spices but feels more American with the sauce. 

All burgers are served with a side of garden greens topped with a sweet balsamic dressing and a rich potato salad. I swear there is more to their potato salad than just pepper and salt but I couldn't get an answer out of the act blur dudes. Could it be some fish stock, bonito maybe.. You try and figure it out.    
It's hard to get me to finish a burger on my own but it wasn't an issue this time because they were too delicious. I even took up the offer of another burger. The Chicken burger is actually a Curry one. It is strong on the Indian spices and sesame oil but it's not spicy. Would like a little more salt or spice in this one. 

Make it a set meal for $5.50 to get a dessert and a hot coffee/tea. It's absolutely great value for money with full service. TBG doesn't claim to be the best burger in Singapore but it's a better burger than most IMHO.
Would love to try their scones and pies. Heard the lamingtons are very good as well. Drop by in the afternoon for their tea sets from 3-6pm (mon-sat) for only $6.

Oh and if you really love their burgers but want a grill out in your home, TBG also does raw burger kits for you to impress your guests. Prices are the same as the regular burgers and comes with sides too. I should be doing that soon. ;)

For being so unpretentious and awesum, i'm favoriting this. NOMS.

Two Blur Guys
Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link #01-13
Tel: +65 6636 4183
Mon-Sat: 11am - 9.30pm

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