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Tandoor North Indian Restaurant

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I've been exploring the off the beaten path eats along the Orchard hotel belt and it has been pretty enjoyable. The ambience is serene and peaceful and there is none of that jostling with the Orchard Road crowd. I recently dined at the Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre’s Tandoor North Indian Restaurant, which i didn't even know existed because it's hidden at the basement of the hotel, which is not even visible from Orchard Road.

This hidden gem is only mostly known to the Indian community and corporate diners looking for a posh yet cosy dining environment. The palace courtyard decor is complete with balcony-like windows and tranquil fountains. This will change come August 2013 as the restaurant undergo a contemporary facelift in June.  

In commemoration of their 28th year of operation, the restaurant is offering a 12-dish set menu (veg and non-veg) comprising of their all-time favourites. Available from 1 April to 31 May, the menu is affordably priced at $28 nett and will allow loyal customers and new ones to reminisce and sample their offerings. 
The sampler of appetizers in the Non Veg menu include Tandoori Aloo, Paneer Ka Soola, Mahi Rai (Sole fillet) and Murg Tikka (tandoori chicken). My favorite was surprisingly the starchy and smoky Aloo (potatoes) stuffed with dry fruits and Indian spices (i've a potato-cooked-indian-style phobia since my 1 month stint in Uttarakhand). The Sole Fillet was moist and flavored with yogurt, mustard seeds and lemon juice but i thought it was a tad salty. 
The Tandoori Chicken on the other hand was a little bland despite the spices. I'm not a fan of tandoori chicken because they tend to be a little dry but these cubes maintained their juiciness.

My liking for an Indian restaurant depends largely on how well they do their Butter Chicken. Tandoor did it well enough for me to ask for a second helping. The sauce was creamy and thick enough to be easily mopped up by the garlic naan though i would prefer something richer. The richness in the flavor has been toned down to suit the Asian palate with the generous use of tomato sauce, which tasted even stronger when the food is cold. I guess i'm not that Asian/Chinese when it comes to eating..
Other items for the main course include the Classic Mutton Curry, Gobhi Gajar, Bhindi Jaipuri (okra) and Yellow Moong lentils dhal. I especially loved the Spinach paneer. Gotta feed my Popeye biceps you know ;) Naans, Lachha Parantha and Tandoori Roti, as well as basmati rice are served along with the mains. The naans were a little tough and chewy while i prefer soft and fluffy texture.
The food is served by small portions but you can ask for seconds or thirds and fourths. For small eaters like me who love variety, this is a great way to dine. 
Dinner ended on a sweet note with a Cardamom flavored indian ice cream with pistachio and a milky cup of Masala Chai. I left Tandoor feeling a little nostalgic thinking about all that chai i had in India. Would certainly be interested to come back for the relaunch in August to taste their special degustation menu ($48) which will be updated and modernized. Head on down to taste their food before the closing in June. 

Tandoor North Indian Restaurant
Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
Basement 1
Daily: 12 - 2.30pm; 7 - 10.30pm   

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