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St. Regis Singapore- A Festive Indulgence

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December is the month to celebrate love and family, after all it's the season of giving! If you're looking to give your loved ones a spectacular and lavish treat, St. Regis Singapore has got all bases covered with their celebratory menus and bespoke service at their 3 restaurants- Brasserie Les Saveurs, La Brezza and Yan Ting. On top of that, there's also an extensive range of takeaways, which includes a special that I can't stop raving about! Read on to find out!

I was invited to sample the various offerings for the Christmas specials. This time we dined in one of the event spaces which was decorated to the theme of luscious red grandeur. 

Dinner started with an Amuse Bouche from LaBrezza. Here's the Poached Egg with Shaved Black Truffles.While the truffle was undisputedly aromatic, i found the dish to be on the bland and boring side. Some saltiness in the form of thinly sliced cured meat (perhaps iberico) would be delightful. 

Next was the Artichoke and Potato Soup from Brasserie Les Saveurs which was served with Boston Lobster Tartare, Tarragon Espuma and Crispy Squid Ink Polenta. Another bland dish. I didn't like the hard and uncrackly polenta crisp, which turned into a soggy mess when dipped into the soup. Not a fan of this one.
The Medley of Seafood from BLS buffet line, with Shucked oysters (we had the French ones), Poached Boston Lobster Tail, King Prawns and Alaskan Crab in Court Bouillon. Can never go wrong with fresh seafood.

From La Brezza, the Mediterranean Sea Bass Cappellacci with Green Asparagus, Sun-dried Datterino Tomato and Saffron Sauce. I removed the thick and slightly dry pasta skin to get to the delicious fish that was hidden inside. A thinner shell would do the dish a lot more justice.
Next, the Filet Mignon En Brioche from BLS. I was looking forward to the dish when i saw it on the menu as it has all my favorite ingredients. A generous piece of foie gras sits atop a juicy beef tenderloin that is wrapped with Proscuitto Ham and then everything is wrapped in a brioche shell. The flavors are a lot more intense in this dish (Périgord Sauce is used in this one) as compared to the other dishes that we had. The dish would have been a lot better if the foie gras were seared more thoroughly. I would also have preferred a classic brioche instead of this thin parcel (more bread and more fluffy). 
If you're thinking of having a Christmas party at home, a festive takeaway is the Roasted Whole Muscovy Duck with Orange Sauce (2.2kg, $132) with Potato Purée and Sautéed Baby Vegetables. The duck was a little bland au natural but went ok with the citrus sauce. The Braised Kurobuta Pork Leg from the takeaway menu caught my attention though.

Remember what i said about the St. Regis special that cannot be missed. Well here it is! Introducing the St. Regis Log Cakes.

It's not a typical log but it is so much tastier!

On the left, we have the Red Berries with Pistachio Sponge Log Cake (low sugar) and on the right, my absolute favorite Chocolate Passion Royal Log Cake (750g, $48). I devoured the huge slice of Chocolate Passion Royal log and was still craving for more after! The smooth and rich chocolate mousse was paired with the tangy passion fruit crème brûlée and a layer of crunchy feuilletine. The most amazing combination of flavors and textures. YUMMEH! This is the perfect cake of the season i swear!
Another favorite is the St. Regis Singapore’s Christmas Stollen with Dried Tropical Fruits (500g, $32). This was the first time tasting a Stollen and i fear that St. Regis has ruined me with their high benchmark. I love that it's packed with dried fruits like cranberries, wolfberries and apricots. The core of the Stollen is a nutty sugary and grainy paste which is absolutely delicious. Needless to say, i finished this too. This will be another hotseller at any party.
If you are looking for a presentable gift, you could also consider the St. Regis Christmas Hamper which consists of the Christmas brandied cherry fruitcake, Christmas Stollen (YAY!), Christmas pudding, fruit preserves, handcrafted chocolates, assorted cookies, TWG Christmas Tea and a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Champagne.

For more on St. Regis' festive offerings, visit to find out more!

St. Regis Singapore
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Tel: +65 6506 6888

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