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5 Things to do in NYC during Christmas

By Monday, December 16, 2013 , , , ,

It has come to my attention that the whole world is gonna be descending/has descended upon my favorite city (NYC duh) this holiday season (as always). So here's 5 things to do in New York City during Christmas!

1. Iceskate at one of the open skating rinks. This is quintessentially NYC. Top spots are the Central Park Rink at Rockefeller Center and Winter Village at Bryant Park.

Of course, Central Park's Trump Wollman and Lasker rinks are extremely popular as well. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Chill out in Central Park
Whether it's a picnic in spring, sunbathing in summer, chasing squirrels in autumn or building snowmen in winter, there's always to do in Central Park. And it's always magical. 
Just remember to layer up and keep toasty.

3. Drink Hot Chocolate. Lots of it.
We burn lots of calories during winter so an energy drink every couple of hours is absolutely justified. Judging by the long queues at Max Brenner (841 Broadway), I guess everyone shares my same philosophy. The rich chocolate elixir will keep you warm and provide you with enough juice to go on the whole day. I love the one with the chocolate pops! And it tastes better than what we get in Singers, like seriously. With that energy boost, you're now ready for the next activity.
4. Christmas Market Shopping 
Is there anything that spells Christmas more than Christmas markets? I love the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park (Sixth Ave. between 40th and 42nd Sts.). If you're in a rush for time, you can do item 1, 2 and 4 here! This open-air European inspired market is open daily until 5 Jan.

Hunt down unique preloved at Brooklyn Winter Flea Market [1 Hanson Place (at Ashland Pl.), Fort Greene]. There're antique furniture, vintage preloveds as well as locally crafted artisan jewelry and art. When you're done, pay tribute to your tummy with the hot and fresh food available.

With over 100 red and white booths at the annual Union Square Holiday Market (Union Square Park, bordered by Park Avenue South, Broadway and 14th Streets,), you'd definitely be well fed, entertained and occupied. The market stays open through Christmas Eve.

If you're afraid of the cold, head on to the indoors Grand Central Holiday Fair (87 E 42nd Street).Kill two birds with one stone as you soak in the atmospheric air of the Grand Central Station's historic Vanderbilt Hall on top of your shopping. The fair runs daily from 18 Nov to 24 Dec.
While you're at Grand Central Station, be sure to check out The Campbell Apartment, a hidden cocktail lounge that would throw you back to the Golden Age of train travel. 

Sip on the Prohibition Punch or Kentucky Ginger and lose yourself in the glitz and glamour.

5. Be enchanted by The Nutcracker 

Regardless of your age, The Nutcracker by the New York City Ballet will enchant you and make you believe in Christmas once again. This is way better than any mass market Hollywood Christmas movie with no substantial plot. This is the best way to celebrate Christmas really!

So yes, 5 things to do in New York City during Christmas. Tell us what else you'd do. :) Have a merry holiday!

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