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House at Dempsey

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House has been a Dempsey Hill feature for the longest time, known for their fries and vintage afternoon tea (which I've always wanted to try). I wasn't a fan till now, as they have refreshed their way overdue menu! New hits and improved house classics, plus a new dessert menu, will lure you from newer players at the idyllic Dempsey (I like Becasse).

The new dishes have been inspired by warm Mediterranean and Asian influences. You can now dig into hearty, sumptuous fare without guilt as House has updated its menu with healthier options as well. Vegans, Vegetarians and Health Nuts can now enjoy a wide selection of gluten free, vegan friendly dishes. Now, be prepared to be hungry as i introduce my favorite dishes on their menu.
The Black Pepper Prawn Linguine ($33) is probably my favorite dish! Every mouthful was a burst of flavors. Expect a taste of the ocean with the succulent char-grilled whole prawns with more morsels of the shellfish in the bolognese. I love how there's the added brininess from the salmon roe when they pop in your mouth. The black pepper sauce sure does pack a punch as well. This is certainly one of the best black pepper linguine i've had.
I also loved the new Baby (Got) Back Ribs ($29), a Chinese five-spice and soy ribs that were tender and tangy. Can someone hand me another portion of these please! It's served atop a celeriac puree, paired with broccoli and sugar snaps, pineapple-apple side and potato mash. 
We also enjoyed the Grilled Chicken & Avocado sandwich, which featured a juicy Cajun spice rubbed chicken thigh with creamy avocado. This is served with the chunky sweet potato fries, weirdly tossed with sugar.
Pumpkin lover I am and I approve of the Macadamia-Crusted Pumpkin Salad ($17). The sweet squash was paired with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted macadamia nuts and arugula greens and served with a light, tangy mustard dressing. It's not all mushy with the shaved nut bits for added texture.
The Hanger Steak with Tomato Salsa & Tahini-Bacon Spud ($36) wasn't too bad and would satisfy your beefy cravings. 

I'm not a fan of the Blackened Snapper ($25) as the spice-rub gave the dish a dry texture. It didn't help that the spices were on the bland side and the snapper kinda over cooked. The super-food sides were great though- think quinoa, grilled cauli and kale!

On to the enhanced vegetarian menu. The Wild Rice Mushroom Risotto ($25) was a creamy and crunchy mix of healthy wild rice and starchy risotto. The sour cream was a nice touch but the pomegranate seeds were insufficient to cut through the richness. This was popular with some of my dining companions though.
The Warm Mushroom and Tofu Salad ($17) is literally what it is. Crispy tofu cubes with wafu dressing and sauteed mushrooms. Not quite worth the price tag  IMO. 
I must qualify that i'm not a carbs fan so the Turkish Salad with falafel ($17) (it's just fried croquettes) and the gluten free Lean Green Pasta ($22) tossed with asian style pesto didn't appeal to me (it was a little salty). However, they may be good options for vegetarians. If you're up for something more sinful, you can always go for their truffle fries, or the stick thin taro crisps.
Cakes are always welcomed and i'll dig right into that Bitter Chocolate Tart ($7.50) made of Guanaja chocolate goodness and topped with Tropilia chocolate ganache. And oh that crunchy cookie base! The Citrus Love ($7.50) was a zesty orange and lemon cheesecake laced with coconut. While i enjoyed the gelatinous filling, the biscuit base was thoroughly soaked and stodgy with syrup. The Red Velvet cake ($8.50) is well, just another chocolate cake with some added raspberry jelly. 
The new Gula melaka cake ($6.50) may be a good tea option but could do with more gula melaka sauce. This is best paired with ice cream.
I'm quite a fan of the Grilled Gluten-Free Almond Cake ($12.50). This was insanely sweet, sticky and chewy, but so addictive, especially the baked crusty exterior. The homemade honey brittle ice cream was alright, it was just sweet and flat to me. 

Before you head off, make sure you get hold of that Chocolate Truffle Salt Cookies ($4.50 for 2). It's the best Valrhona chocolate sea salt cookie with a strong truffle taste i've had. I inhaled mine.
Some dishes will definitely have me running back to House on a regular basis. Pretty sure there's something for everyone here so it makes for a good hangout for bigger parties.

8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672
Weekdays: 12 - 10.30pm
Weekends: 9/11am - 10.30pm (9am on Sun)

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