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Skinny Salad

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Almost lunch and i'm craving for some crisp and fresh greens that will keep me satisfied. Introducing Skinny Salad, a fresh new concept by the crackling good folks of Skinny Pizza. Located at 100AM, in Tanjong Pagar, you lucky CBD folks out there can dine on yummy salads, tasty grilled wraps and vitamin-packed juices. 

While i like to create my own salad, having a pre-determined menu takes the pain from having too many permutations. Skinny Salad has engaged Celebrity Chef Philip Davenport of Toque 12 TV show fame for their 8 salads and 7 wraps for their opening. These salads are influenced by flavors of Thailand, Europe, Japan and the Mediterranean. Dressings are made from scratch and herbs thrown in for that special something something. Of course Ms Skinnyfat had to try everything at Skinny Salad so here's the low down, in order of preference! I'll start with the salads first. 
Roasted Roots & Goat Cheese ($11.50 with lamb). I love roots and can never say no to pumpkin, sweet potatoes and baby beets. This is a hearty but healthy salad because it's low in GI and i love how the basil, herb dressing and goat cheese gave the dish an added twang. Absolutely love goat cheese with pumpkin! The lamb shoulder was a little tough IMO. There's also the choice of chicken instead and they are both $3 
My second favorite is the Cabbage & Nouc Cham ($9) which is typically Asian with the pungent and salty nouc cham dressing with Vietnamese mint and chili. It could do with a little more spice actually but i do love this interesting salad, after i removed all the bean sprouts of course. Make sure you add on the yummy master-stock pork which was super umami and tender!
I'm a kale fan and the Kale & Quinoa ($11.50) is what i'd call a 'meaty' salad even if you don't add any meats to it. I guess that's because it's full of sprouted beans and leafy, leathery vegetables.

I like how Skinny Salad doesn't stinge on their greens. There's a wide and interesting selection of vegetables instead of lousy ones like lettuce and cabbage. In this salad, there're kale, green beans, zucchini, sprouted lentils, spinach, watercress, cherry tomatoes, beetroot and quinoa! Honestly you'd be paying through your nose for a mix like this elsewhere. 
The next 3 salads were ok and not fantastic but it's a matter of preference i guess. I found them a little bland for my liking. Here's the Seared Tuna & Radicchio ($13.50) which has white anchovies and olives. I love their red onion jam in this one though.
The Organic Chicken & Spinach ($12.50) was boring compared to all the exciting smells and flavors of the other salads. I guess you can't expect the cumin yogurt to spice things up. The chicken was a little dry for me.
The Fermented Cabbage & Yuzu ($11.50) was interesting but i found the mix a little too stringy for me with all the shredded up and shaved carrot, cucumber, enoki and mung bean sprouts. I liked the fermented cabbage and the spicy yuzu dressing though. Add on the confit salmon (made fresh daily) or the tuna for some Omega-3!

If a hot toasty meal is what you are craving for, then the wraps will be your thing. I preferred the heartier salads though as the wraps don't seem to fill much. The fillings may be similar to those of the salads but they're not entirely the same. They're wrapped smugly in a soft flour tortilla (comes in various flavors) before panini-ed for a crisp exterior.
My favorite of the wraps was the creamy Roasted Chicken ($8.50) that packed in a cauliflower tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, hummus, confit garlic a├»oli, baby cos lettuce. No prizes for getting the inspiration behind this wrap right. They had me at hummus. A similar wrap is the Slow-Cooked Lamb Shoulder ($9.50) with feta, roasted garlic mayo and mint-yogurt dressing but the overall bite wasn't as rich as the Roasted Chicken though.  
Again, because of my love for pumpkin and cheese, the Roasted Pumpkin & Goat Cheese ($8.50) was my second love. Oh and because there were sweet caramelized onion, tomato chutney and basil sauce to give it that tangy, herby and salty flavors, it didn't even strike me that this is a vegetarian wrap. NOMS!
It's the return of the Master Stock Pork Belly ($8.50) in the form of a Vietnamese salad wrap using spinach tortilla, this time enhanced with kimchi aioli, mint and coriander. Give me more kimchi aioli please! 
For fish lovers, the Seared Tuna & Tapenade ($10.50) is a decent option provided that you like olives (i do!). The tuna is seared on site to ensure freshness and it paired well with the light lemon aioli and basil. This is wrapped in a tomato tortilla.
I did not like the Coconut & Turmeric Chicken ($8.50) because bean sprouts. This is a raw-ish and cool dish with cucumber and tofu and a rather bland coconut cream. 

Amp up your meal with some Vitamin C with Skinny Salad's freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices from $5. They're not cold pressed but they're still full of goodness! 

Skinny Salad is giving the other salad bars a run for their money honestly. With a changing salad and wraps menu created by culinary talents that they'll be working with, you'll never get bored of the selection. So go before your favorite salad/wrap gets replaced!

Skinny Salad
#01-03 100 Tras Street, 100AM. Singapore 079027 
Daily: 8am - 8pm 

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