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Honey Creme Singapore

By Monday, May 25, 2015 , , , ,

I don't imagine anyone would dislike ice cream or soft serve unless you are lactose intolerant (then that's too sad). Surely many of you would have already tried the popular Taiwanese brand Honey Creme at 313@Somerset. I first tried their soft serve sometime back and found it kind of rich and oily (high cream content). Truth be told, I didn't think it was worth my buck. However, when i visited recently to sample their new flavors, i found myself liking their improved soft serve formula which is more milky and less sweet and yes i'm a fan of a particular flavor (which i'll intro in a bit)!
Many of the people in Honey Creme's snaking queue will agree that their soft serve is really smooth. Premium fresh milk and cream are used and there is no added preservatives or artificial sweeteners. The owners Sherry and Jo have taken in feedback and tweaked the soft serve to suit the Sg palate- more milk and less cream (it's healthier too).
The original Honey Comb ($5.90) features honeycombs imported from New Zealand and Australia and are cut directly from its frame and. The Comb Honey cup uses honey from Taiwan and has a distinct fruity longan taste which I preferred. I also liked the Organic Mixed Grains ($5.90) which has a mixed grains topping of ground millet, black sweet rice, buckwheat, oats, brown rice, and black sesame. It's very fragrant and less sinful.
A popular flavor is the Honey Creme Alishan Milk Tea, a Alishan milk tea soft serve ice cream layered with Alishan tea jelly, cookie crumbs and honey-coated pearls. This is like a bubble tea in solid form. The tea jelly is made in house and i could taste the tea in this one but i can't say the same of the soft serve. They also have the same milk tea soft serve in Teh C (half tea-half original soft serve) and Gah Dai (sweeter with candy floss) versions.
Now, about the 2 new flavors which will be available starting 1 June 2015. Presenting my favorite- the Cereal Milk ($5.90) . If you have tried Momofuku Milk Bar, you would not be a stranger to this flavor.
This is a cereal-infused soft serve which tastes like the milk at the bottom of your cereal milk breakfast. Think a sweet and salty oat and cornflake tasting concoction. Layered with cornflake crunch, this is the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, supper snack. Hohoho can you sense my excitement? The cereal flavor could be stronger in the soft serve but i just kept going and eventually unknowingly finishing every single bit of this one. My favorite bit is the part at the bottom that has soaked up the melted cream!
In celebration of SG50, another addictive flavor introduced is the Honey Creme Pandan Gula Melaka.
The limited edition Honey Creme Pandan Gula Melaka is inspired by out local desserts of pandan cake, chendol and ice kachang! The local ingredients like attap chee (palm seeds), crispy puffed rice, toasted coconut chips (specially imported from Thailand and lovingly toasted here), and gula melaka gave the dessert contrasting flavors and textures. This is another one that i gladly finished. No artificial coloring is used in this one as the pandan concentrate is extracted the manual and traditional way.
If anything, I would love for the gula melaka to be richer, and for it to be layered with the coconut chips too! Just for the National Day weekend (7 – 10 Aug 2015), Honey Creme will also add a Merlion-shaped biscuit to the top of the pandan parfait as a special SG50 treat. Make this one a permanent feature already! Oh and this is exclusive to Singers! Yay!

Both Cereal Milk and Pandan Gula Melaka ($6) will be available from 1 Jun 2015 at the 313@Somerset outlet. Remember that the Pandan Gula Melaka will only be around till 30 Sep 2015!
Honey Creme will also be opening their second outlet in Singapore at the third largest suburban mall, Jem. Slated to launch in mid-July 2015, the new space will be a takeaway kiosk where customers may enjoy all of Honey Creme’s distinctive soft serves on the go.

Honey Creme (313@Somerset) 
313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #01-37, Singapore 238895 
Daily; 11am – 10pm 

Honey Creme (Jem) 
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-06, Singapore 608549 
Daily; 11am – 10pm 

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