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Capella Singapore Cassia Cantonese Restaurant

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Capella Sentosa is my piece of un-Singapore in Singapore. That ocean view and lush greenery gives Bali a run for her money and the Knolls has a great pool and ocean view the last time I dined there. This time I checked out their fine dining Cantonese restaurant Cassia and sampled some signatures and seasonal dishes. 
The meal started with dimsum and these were lovely crafted pieces of joy. My favorite would have to be the Signature Steamed Barbecued US Kurobuta Pork Bun with Black Truffle 黑松露蚝皇克猪叉烧包 ($4.80 for 2 pcs). It's so hard to get a simple bao skin right but this was light and fluffy and chef nailed the bun to char siew ratio. The truffle perfume was intoxicating when I broke the bun open to reveal that dark brown sauce with black fragments of the prized fungus. Oh and juicy Kurobuta pork... 
Steamed Siew Mai Topped with Abalone 鲍鱼烧卖 aka pork dumpling ($12 for 4 pcs) and Deep-fried Lobster and Prawn Dumpling with Mayonnaise 龙虾明虾角 ($8.80 fof 4 pcs) were seasoned perfectly and retained the juiciness of the meats they encased. 
I wished they would bring out more dimsum for me to savour over the chilled Osmanthus tea ($4, served in wine glass). I'm sure some wouldn't mind champagne too but this fragrant nectar worked its magic on me. Tea lovers could indulge in some fine Chinese tea such as the Iron Goddess of Mercy 安溪铁观音 ($6).
Next, the Wok-fried Australian M9 Wagyu Beef with Black Pepper 黑椒汁香煎顶级澳洲和牛粒 ($32/pax). Nice pink center in the middle of the tender cubes and the sauce wasn't too overpowering. 
The seasonal dish which is available till 31 Dec 2015 is the Treasure from the Sea 海中宝一品煲 ($138 for 2 pax). This seafood claypot was inspired by the one pot dish 盆菜 that we typically have during Chinese New Year. Premium seafood is used here- tender Australian Abalones (seriously tender), Fish Maw, Sea Cucumbers, Dried Scallops, pan seared Hokkaido Scallops, Live Prawns, Flower Mushrooms and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce. The star of the dish would be the stuffed tiger prawns. The prawn meat is taken out, mixed with pork, diced mushroom, and water chestnut, stuffed back into the shell, baked then braised. The dish wasn't heavily seasoned so you'll still be able to taste the freshness of the ingredients, though I did find it a tad bland.
The dish is served with Steamed Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Preserved Chinese Sausage topped up with succulent Sri Lankan Crab Meat. Super on point. I loved the soft, sticky but fluffy rice which was perfumed by the light sweetness from the wind dried Chinese lup cheong (sausage) and waxed duck. Needless to say I picked out all the little chunks of the meat. The generous chunks of dried scallop and fresh crab meata were a luxurious touch.
Cassia is a great spot to spend your weekends over their customized 5 course weekend set lunch which features a dimsum course (6 items) and other signature dishes. If you're a late riser, you can still wake to an afternoon tea, a savory Dim Sum or even a sweet British Colonial style tea from 3 to 5pm for $39.90/pax.

1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297
Tel: +65 6591 5000

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