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MEATliquor Singapore

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If you need something to prep your stomach for a night of drinking, MEATliquour SIN, by popular burger joint from the U.K., will line your intestinal walls with hearty (and greasy) patties. The Duxton outpost is the first out of the U.K and provides a convenient stop for you the get the party started with their hangover food (when you're drunk the order doesn't matter). 
Communal dining is the way it is here. Food is served on customized trays that cover the entire table top and then it's all hands on deck. You never have to wait for your companion's food to arrive because they will be served together. 
The classic Dead Hippie ($22) rules the lineup imo. 2 x mustard-fried beef patties, dead hippie sauce (can't get the recipe out of 'em), lettuce, cheese, pickles, and minced white onions. The double patties gives the burger a better mouthfeel and it's a party going on in there with each bite.
USDA Chuck is used for the patties and the slightly tougher meat brings more flavor to the burger. Wagyu fats are added for the extra juiciness. The buns are made in house and they perfected that dense butter roll texture which holds the meat perfectly. 
New kid on the block is the saucy HDB Tower Burger ($21) (Geddit? Hurhur.) which features a deep fried chicken fillet, hash brown, jalapenos, cheese, slaw and Russian sauce (a ketchup mayonnaise yogurt base). Well I would call this a Russian sauce burger instead of a chicken burger actually since the sauce stole all the thunder from the dry meat. 
Perhaps chicken isn't MEATliquor SIN's strong suit but their sauces definitely are. The Buffalo Chicken Burger ($20) was on the dry and tough end despite being slathered in their house-made hot pepper sauce. The sauce is reminiscent of Buffalo and is just a tad spicy but I missed the mild Blue cheese sauce altogether. Perhaps some of that on the side?
Give the newly debuted Fish Burger ($19) a miss. The beer batter was bland and thick, with a sea bass that lacked seasoning as well and tasted slightly muddy. Well, fish is not meat anyway but I guess we gotta feed the pescetarians. Oh they also have something for the vegetarians too. 
When I thought the chicken couldn't get any drier, the Thai Thighs were served. I would have liked for the Thai spices to be in the seasoning rather than as a side dressing for the bland and dry Panko breaded thighs (which were more like chicken breast). S was like, "the chicken is dry but if you soak it long enough it's still ok". Oh boys. But that's the market MEATliquor is going for so I guess it works. 
The burgers do not come with sides so pick the fries for sharing. Our table liked the Shambal fries ($12), which is an expat take on the local sambal sauce (so it's super mild and a tad sweet). This definitely needs more sauce and a runnier fried egg (or 2) to coat the golden crispy fries with goodness. 
I preferred the Chili Cheese Fries ($18), which packed in more punch with their tangy beef chili and crazy jalapeƱos. Of course cheese, mustard, and onions on top. 
The Onion Rings ($9) are gigantic and if you like anything fried, this is it. We loved the sweet whole onion rings in it but did not enjoy much of the super thick batter which turned slightly rock hard when cold. Order this to share. 
After all that grease, a refreshing Pina Colada ($19) was much needed. Isn't the presentation lovely? That's a burnt coconut meringue, which tasted so good I wanted to ask for a topping of that to go with my unfinished drink (I would have asked if I was high enough but I wasn't). 

MEATliquor SIN is a burger joint made for the boys. The expats really dig this place. For me, I can only justify that Dead Hippie with an insane workout before and after (which I did). Even still, i think i can only manage one visit in 6 months.

99 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089543
Tel: +65 6221 5343
Mon - Wed: 5pm - 12am
Thu - Fri: 5pm - 2am
Sat: 5pm - 3am

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