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Shang Palace Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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I'm currently still in a dim sum mood and therefore you have to read all about these delicately crafted and flavorful morsels that come in various forms, steamed, baked, or fried. On the menu this week is the new dim sum menu by Shang Palace Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, created by their new dim sum chef Li Shou Tao who has 23 years of dim sum making experience. 
That sets the bar pretty high doesn't it. Let's see if it matches our expectations. 
While sipping on their fine teas, our Steamed lobster dumpling with bittergourd arrived in a beautiful lacquered carrier (chef handpicked these). Chef's skill is displayed in that translucent, slightly chewy and springy rice flour skin that encased the juicy meat. This was a light and refreshing start to our meal. 
Next, a combination of steamed, baked, and fried, like I promised. A steamed Boleghs Aereus dumpling (Chinese mushrooms) mixed with crunchy lotus root and long beans; Saucy baked BBQ pork bun in a crunchy polo bun shell. Oh that Cantonese style chunky meat; And a deep fried shredded turnip pastry with foie gras that had me admiring its lovely layers for a bit. Such a work of art! How can anything fried be so light and delicate? That said, the filling was on the bland side and I didn't taste the foie gras at all.
Carrot cake is a must order for me every time but the Yam Cha (oh they so punny), a steamed turnip cake with egg white and conpoy, was mushy and bland. A touch of soy sauce saved the day and brought out the flavor of this dish. It would have been even better if there were some XO sauce instead of a bean paste chili. 
It seemed that Chef goes easy on the seasoning (perfect for the health conscious). I added several dabs of the chili sauce to the Siew Mai with fish roe, prawn and mushroom. Quality meats are used here and they are not overly minced to retain the bite and juiciness. 
Loved the Steamed rice roll with BBQ pork and parsley. That smooth springy skin!! 
We also sampled some of the Hairy Crab offerings. I'm not a fan of Hairy crabs because it's too much effort for too little meat, but I'm perfectly happy when it's served in an easily accessible version, such as this Pan fried bun with chili crab meat. Again, stellar fluffy bun with a sesame crust. I thought the starchy tomato based chili sauce could do with more spice and flavor. I guess the bun stole the thunder. 
Mind you, hairy crabs are terribly expensive. This bowl of braised tofu, hairy crab meat and roe would set you back by 36 bucks. 
The Braised hairy crab with shiso leaves and a thicker cut glass noodles ($96/portion) is another way to enjoy the rich crab roe, if you need some carbs to go with it. 
Well in comparison, the Hairy Crab Set Menu ($138/pax) appears to give you more value for money, and is also more filling. 
Make sure there is space for desserts! I gobbled the Steamed layered cake which is essentially a dry salted egg custard bun with desiccated coconut! Give me a basket of this please!! Make sure you have something warm to balance the 'cold' hairy crab, like this sesame glutinous rice ball in spicy ginger tea. 
Lovely meal at Shang Palace Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. Check out the hairy crab menu before it runs away!

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