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Cheryl W Weight and Wellness Management

By Wednesday, May 25, 2016 , ,

I know it has been kind of proven by doctors that there is no such nonsense as detox through juicing, or hot yoga, or whatever trends and fads there may be out there on the market (because our liver is what cleanses our bodies of toxins). But I love to work out and I love to sweat, and it makes me feel super awesome and lighter. So if you do kind of believe in detoxing, then you have to check out Cheryl W Weight and Wellness Management
Crowned the Herworld Spa - Best Detoxifying Treatment Editor’s choice, the Signature Body Flush treatment is said help you sweat and burn fats by speeding up your metabolic rate and enhance  absorption of nutrients. Physical benefits also include smoother and brighter skin.
The first step to every treatment at Cheryl W is a detailed consultation to cater to the individual needs of every customer. So for the skinnyfat me who doesn't require weight loss treatments, my sessions were focused on detox and firming. The first step to the Flush treatment is the use of a customized machine and I tried the Slim Up firming treatment to help with localised inch lose and toning of my thighs (that's the fat part of this skinny). With the help of a machine, infra-red rays combined with electric muscle stimulation produces a slimming action and inches were lost immediately. I KID YOU NOT. Of course, to maintain the inch loss and toning, you gotta continue to work out of course but the initial boost is definitely helpful! :)
Next, an Aroma Steam Bath to relax the body and open up the pores for products to be better absorbed by the body. This is followed by a customised Sea Salt Body polish with a lymphatic massage. Whenever i use this body polish, i have a tendency to lose more water! This helps with combating water retention very well. Of course, it is also exfoliating and my skin is left smoother and brighter. The lymphatic massage helps with the 'drainage' of waste better through the lymph nodes. 
Then, the Thermal Heat Therapy to helps you sweat it all out. The heat improves circulation as it increases your core body temperature which leads to an increase in heart rate. Lying in the thermal blanket is said to burn an equivalent of 2 hours of non-stop exercise. Well I still like exercising better but this helps when there aren't good classes at the gym.

The flush treatment ends with Cheryl W's in-house wellness "flush dark plum natural cleanse" drink. This drink is tasty and super filling and I believe it has some sort of cleansing powers to clear your bowels! Heh. 

Keen to check out Cheryl W? Here's a treat for you. It's only $68 for 3 Sessions of Award-Winning Signature Royal Flush Body Treatment (worth $1080).

Use this special link and you will receive an additional 3 Sessions of Body Wraps and a complimentary door gift (worth $200). :)

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