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Food Buzz- TCC Onigiri Rice Dumplings

By Thursday, May 12, 2016 , , ,

It's almost Rice Dumpling a.k.a. Ba Zhang season (it's actually Dragon Boat Festival) and tcc - the connoisseur concerto is putting a new spin on the classic sticky rice dumpling, in the shape of a Japanese Onigiri!
Ok i'm not sure what the shape does for the rice dumpling but i must say that the glutinous rice was soft and well flavored. Three flavors are available- the Teriyaki Unagi ($7.90) and the Sambal Hotate ($7.90) dumplings and the brand new Spicy Chic ($6.50), which is a Kung Bao Chicken dumpling with crunchy cashews.
I immediately heated up the Sambal Hotate one upon receiving it and it was delicious! It's surprising how the scallops go with the well-balanced rempah! These dumplings are available for sale from 13 May to 12 June 2016 at all tcc outlets. 

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