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Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe Singapore

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If you were from the earlier generations, you would have remembered those scary Hello Kitty queues at MacDonald's? Even if that was before your time, you can now experience it at the brand new Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe at Changi Airport Terminal 3, 24 hours everyday! (Do you sense my excitement?) 
Well well, it's not a place that i'd recommend for food, but if you're in the queue, you probably are there because 1. You're a fan of Hello Kitty 2. You've been drugged and dragged there by your other half (my heart goes out to you). So here are some stuff that is somewhat worth some calories IMO. The Hola Nachos! ($15.90) are freshly made, flaky fried tortilla chips which are super crispy and buttery. Yes the cheddar sauce may taste like it came out of a can (and diluted), but it would be a t least be a source of comfort. Yes you can probably make better ones at home but remember you're stuck here in the cafe..
I would pick a traditional piquant punchy quesadilla over this mild like a kitty Enchanted Forest ($17.90; not on limited menu). The flavor is very Asian in fact, popiah-like with a strong taste of onions (not too caramelized). Wasabi sesame mayonnaise was added to the mix but I couldn't detect it at all. 
Need to fill your tummy? Have the Cowabunga! Wagyu! ($24). It's the only savory thing that i took an extra bite of. This is a local wagyu beef rendang cooked with a refreshing pineapple rempeh. It was spectacular, in comparison to the rest of the dishes.
No matter how desperate you are for all day breakfasts, The Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50) is not worth it any stomach space. Expect dry cardboard style frozen type waffles with well done fried eggs (instead of scrambled as promised), smoked duck slices, with some mushrooms and limp leaves.
What else to eat at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden? The desserts are way better than savories. The Cat In Paradise ($18.50; not on limited menu) is a decent Chinese-style mango pudding on an almond crumble. Not sure why it's served with a hazelnut gelato since the flavor doesn't complement. For 3-4 times the usual price of a Chinese dessert, i can't say that it's super worth it.
The Hide & Seek ($16.90; not on limited menu) is a fragrant pandan panna cotta that smells better than it tastes. I found the texture too gelatinous and the gula melaka lacking in intensity as well. 
Camping under the Stars ($19.50; not on limited menu) is a pretty plated dessert of gelato and biscuits. You're paying for the picture honestly. Let the girls order this and you can just dig into the simple gelato without any frills. I'd recommend the pistachio, peanut butter, and matcha flavors. DO NOT ADD ON THE BLAND COOKIES OR WAXY CHOCOLATES. 
There are also other sliced cakes and tarts, as well as soft serve frozen yogurt (which is rather refreshing).  
Drinks wise, the Salted Caramel Latte was rather delicious. The fizzy Cumbernade cooler is also a refreshing cucumber syrup+lemonade drink that will quench the summer thirst. Other interesting drinks include the custom-blended loose leaf teas ($7.80 each). I heard that the Apple Pie Tea is quite a hit.
Mandatory shot with Kitty White. Guess that's what you're paying to dine here for.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore
Arrival Hall Central #01-22, Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport 
Daily: 24 hours
Limited menu from 12 - 6am

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