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Shang Palace Hairy Crab Menu

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Celebrate autumn with hairy crabs because it's back in season! I know i'm a little slow in updating while feasting on a lot of Argentinian steaks and Peruvian ceviches but i've not forgotten about the luscious crabs at Shang Palace, Shangri La Hotel Singapore. You still have 2 weeks till the end of Nov 2016 to slurp on that delicious roe!
This luxurious crustacean will be prepared by Chef Steven using various traditional culinary techniques to best showcase its distinctive and delicate flavors. Of course, the traditional steamed option served with ginger tea is available (from $82/pc, choice of male/female crabs) but i prefer my crab shelled and ready to eat, so here are some crabby dishes from the a la carte items.
For something nutritious and healthy tasting, go with the Braised Bird’s Nest, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe ($56/pax). I felt that there wasn't much flavor in the broth. Even the black vinegar that our server repeatedly told us to add to all of our dishes failed to bring out any distinct profiles in this dish. IMO, i thought it was a waste of the bird's nest to be included. 
The Braised Tofu and Hairy Crab Meat & Roe Meatball ($42/portion) was a tad more flavorful, though i had a feeling that the base broth is all the same- a light hairy crab and roe starch base with edamame. The beancurd puffs and meat added more texture (the tofu more so than the delicate minced meat) and some additional flavor to the dish. 
Well, a must order is certainly the Pan-Fried Hairy Crab Meat Stuffed Shell with Shrimp Paste and Pork ($28 /pc). The sticky soy-glazed juicy shrimp and pork patties were full of flavors and before i knew it, i was scrapping the bottom of the crab head! 
We saw the repeat of the same flavor (as with the braised bird's nest and beancurd meatballs) in the Crispy Noodles with Sea Caracol, Hairy Crab Meat and Roe ($24/pax). I imagine it to be extremely boring to have to eat the same thing thrice over. That said, this was the most intensely flavored of the lot and i approve of the crunchy noodles softened by the gravy. My suggestion is to order other non hairy crab dishes from the usual Shang Palace menu (check out the Dim Sum review here).

Otherwise, the six-course Hairy Crab Menu ($138/pax) provides a good mix of dishes alongside your steamed hairy crab e.g. BBQ Kurobuta Pork with shredded lobster roll, claypot braised bird’s nest dumpling, and also a deep fried cod fish with yuzu honey glaze. A complimentary bottle of 8-year-old Chinese yellow wine is served with every four set menus ordered.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore 
22 Orange Grove Road Singapore 258350

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