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#Meetthelulus wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu

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It's been a year since #meetthelulus so here's a throwback! I meant to write about our Bali wedding much sooner but life took over so here it goes. If you are getting hitched and you are looking for something different from the usual hotel banquet, preferably a destination wedding, but yet super fuss free and NOT break the bank expensive, BUT also must be elegant, chill and fun, with good food of course... Well, just do what we did and head over to Tirtha Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia. #notsponsored
Tirtha Uluwatu provides an all-in-one wedding package which takes care of everything you can think of. Wedding planner, MUA, floral, decor, f&b, accommodation, photography and videography, chapel for the ceremony, a change of venue for dinner, music and entertainment, and fireworks too! How do you think i got my wedding planned in 6 months without having to do much? All we had to do was to pick from their amazing list of partners and viola. Our bridal party also didn't have to lift a finger to do anything. We just needed to show up and look gorgeous. How's that for a wedding celebration?
I'll let the pictures do the talking. Our day started with prep at the Tirtha Glass House, a gorgeous 3BR villa where we were accorded a night's stay. It was also where we held our dinner reception. My Japanese MUA is Mami-san, and she nailed the look i wanted based on the pictures that i've sent our Tirtha wedding planner Anggie. Here's a simple braided updo with natural make-up for the day.
We chose the Glass House because it's full of greenery and a minimalist resort interior. Post-prep, we also had time to take some pictures on the grounds. 
Then it was off to the Tirtha Chapel for our ceremony. You could choose between a Christian ceremony or a Commitment ceremony.
The Tirtha Chapel is a gorgeous light filled space which overlooks the ocean and there are plenty of great photo spots.
 Our friends had fun with this little boat next to the chapel. 
The walk down the stairs and to the Chapel. I was very scared that i'd trip and kill myself on my 4" heels. Thankfully i managed and also did not kill my mum in the process. 
The march in to to our selected songs, performed by the Tirtha choralists and keyboard. I was so touched i cried several times during their singing. Then I got super worried about ruining my makeup but woah it stayed on! Mami-san was also quick with her touch up so i didn't look like a mess.
We went with the white orchids and white frangipane walkway provided by Tirtha, which we thought was simple and elegant. You could also customize further at a cost. 
Bridal shower.
Nailing that infinity pool look.
Another quick shoot beyond the chapel. At this point i was dying under the late afternoon sun and desperately wanted a shower. It was worst for Jr i bet. Then we were shuttled back to The Glasshouse to freshen up for dinner. Transport was provided for our guests between the chapel and the dinner venue. 
Unfortunately Jr and i did not have enough time to chill out at the pool before the dinner and then i was too hungover the next morning. HAHA. 
A customized welcome board at the entrance.
More greenery on our registration table at the entrance. Guests who didn't head back to their own accomodation after the wedding ceremony were hosted at the Glass House pre dinner, where they are plenty of places to chill at. There is an upper level sheltered sitting area just outside the dinner hall. 
A lower level outdoor area is available for hosting, which is where we chose to serve some pre-dinner canapes and Prosecco. We also engaged a live band to provide entertainment for our guests before and during the dinner. You could also create some photo spots for them to guests to have their own mini shoots too. 
There's the option of having your dinner outdoors in this space (it's gorgeous), or indoors with air-conditioning. Well, guess what we chose? THE AC OF COURSE.
Right before our march-in with my fam! For dinner, i went with side-swept curls with darker lips for a glamorous look.
Our dinner set up for 50 pax. It's gorgeous in the day and a lovely reflection of lights from the chandeliers at night. I highly recommend the long table seating for this space but probably round table seating for the outdoor space. 
As the day turned to night.
We got happier of course. This is my favorite picture of the night. 
About the food, i must say that i'm very pleased with what Tirtha serves. Neither Jr or myself had attended weddings at Tirtha before but my bridesmaid's sister had hers here and said the food was great (she went with an Indonesian bbq buffet). We kinda took a chance with their sit down European courses but were soooo relieved that the food was great during our food tasting a month before our wedding day. No pictures of the food during the wedding but here are some from the food tasting!
We gave our guests 2 options to pick for their 3 course meal because variety is always great to have. For appetizers, there's a Seafood Salad with Tomato Couscous served with Green peas puree & Ravigote Sauce; and a Light Smoked Free Range Chicken Leg with 63 deg Egg in Ravigot Sauce. Both dishes were great in terms of presentation and flavors. I went with the Egg for my starter. 
For mains, we had the Grilled Fish of the Day with Bayaldi in Provence Sauce (which i really loved because it's so sweet and fresh). 
There's also the Roasted Free Range Chicken Leg and a Kurobuta Pork Belly option but we replaced it with a 48 hour slow-cooked beef which was super well-braised and tender. We also changed the dessert to a Chocolate Souffle which we thought would be a better ending than a Pavlova with Pineapple and Lime.  
The party continued in the Moonlight Garden after dinner, which transformed into a outdoor dance floor with a DJ spinning dance tunes. But first, a customized Chocolate Mud Cake which i was too drunk to taste. My friends who tried it said it was good. 
We were also afraid that people would be hungry after dancing and drinking so we also catered some wood-fired pizzas from Tirtha for supper. Well we thought wrong because the food was mostly left untouched. I guess all we need were drinks, which we had a free flow of till everyone was down on the ground or up on the trees (yes we had a climber).
So yes, this is #meetthelulus and the best night of our lives with our closest and dearest. There's also a bit more about us and our wedding on the Tirtha website here. Thanks Tirtha Bridal for making this a special one for us. 


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