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Tablescape Grand Park City Hall

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Something old, something new. Classical European dining experience is given a contemporary update by new Executive Chef Armando Aristarco at Tablescape, Grand Park City Hall. A flavor-first approach is taken here, with only 3 to 4 ingredients per dish, to allow each ingredient its chance to shine.
Embrace an elegant and unhurried meal starting with a selection of housemade bread and butter. There are 14 breads in rotation and the highlights include the onion, brioche, sun-dried tomato,  and cheese focaccia. The breads are glorious and they're free flow, but please be a conscious diner and not take advantage of this. We heard some ugly diners stories and their cheapskate behaviors are just so uncalled for.  
I love eggs and the Egg ($28) at Tablescape is your decadent 62 deg version topped with 24 months aged Parmigiano Reggiano fonduce, and a chocolatey Umbria black summer truffle shavings that Chef made rain over the wobbly mix. Some extra texture is provided with both sautéed and raw asparagus.
Instead of a tuna tataki, we had the Beef ($20) done in the seared tataki style but with Korean flavors to it. Australian Black Angus striploin is paired with pumpkin in two textures – cubed and pureed. It is then dressed in classic Pommery mustard and raspberry vinaigrette for a sweet-savoury flavour.
The Scallop ($20) is another refreshing cold starter, seasoned with a little fat (olive oil) and acid (lemon zest). A cucumber gazpacho with a touch of raspberry vinaigrette adds to the overall tang of the dish.
The Fettuccini ($38) of my dreams is one that is simply cooked with a ton of browned butter and sage, and topped with a heap of truffles. The house made egg pasta is what i'd order on repeat visits. 
The Risotto ($38) was a creamy carnaroli made without any use of cream! A house made duck stock is added in scoop by scoop to the rice for it to release the starch that forms the velvety glue that binds the dish, together with some milk and cauliflower. Classic French pan-fried foie gras, and Chinese-style wood chips smoked duck top the dish.
The Chicken ($28), though simple, was expertly executed. An organic French spring chicken is cooked sous-vide then grilled until the skin crisp and served with its own jus. The protein is accompanied by another classic side, a Caesar baby romaine. 
For a heartier meaty anchor to your meal, the Iberico Pork Chop ($42) would delight. Sous-vide then grilled, the meat is juicy and tender with a great smokiness. The thyme and shallot flavored rich potato mash is yet another winning side. 
The desserts would impress any female date with its dramatic display on the tall trolleys, though i must say i'm more into the substance than pretty things. The a la minute Soufflé ($12) made me take a second bite but no more. The rest of the desserts were not worthy of a mention. Can i just go back to the breads please?
Tablescape is great for business lunches (they have sets that are regularly updated) or for a secretive date (i mean private). 

Level 3, 10 Coleman Street, Grand Park City Hall, S179809 
Daily: 12 - 2.30pm, 6 - 10.30pm
Bar: 5.30pm - 12.30am 

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