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NYC Best Ramen Totto Ramen

By Friday, October 28, 2016 , , , , ,

It's been a while since i last attempted at clearing my New York City food backlog and i think it's really high time that i do it proper. And there's nothing like a comforting bowl of ramen to jumpstart the series of my favorite NYC eats. So here, by far the best ramen i've tasted in NYC [better than Hide-chan (they own that actually) and Ippudo at least]- Totto Ramen, which is also given the stamp of approval by New Yorkers. 
We went before the opening and had to put our names down on the list. Stand around and wait for your name to be called! If you miss it, you can say goodbye to those generous bowls of tummy warming chicken based Paitan broth noodles. The menu is kept short with basic configurations of classic Paitan with soy, miso, spicy or vegetarian konbu shiitake broth and permutations of extras like raw scallion, egg, chicken or pork char siu, konbu nori, and seasoned avocado. 
While waiting for the noodles, go for the starters! I can never resist uni and had to order the Seared Uni Rice ($6.50) but while the glorious chunks of sweet and creamy sea urchin served me well, the rice was too dry and sticky (they should do it the sushi rice way).
You may want to skip that rice and save the calories for the lovely flavorful braised pork that is given the flaming touch for added smokiness. 
The Broiled Char Siu Pork (2pcs $2.50) is great on its own; or over vegetables; or with rice a la Char Siu Mayo Don ($5.50); or in the chunky Char Siu Bun ($3 for 1) with mayonnaise (love this one). Juicy succulent meat that is sweet and savory! The chicken version is available too but we're traditionalist when it comes to char siu and ramen. 
Here's the original straight noodles version of the Chicken Paitan Ramen ($10) topped with scallions, onions, nori, pork char siu and pulled char siu.  
Man the chicken broth is amazingly thick with flavors (all them boiled chickens gave their all to this soup). If that isn't enough for you, then do the Miso Paitan ($12), which is the class paitan topped with the finest Koji Miso and ground pork, half boiled egg, scallions, bean sprouts, onions and char siu. We loved the extra fragrance from the fried garlic bits. 
Totto Ramen, delicious for sure, and definitely worth the queue. Make it your next ramen stop in NYC.

Totto Ramen
Midtown West (original)
366 West 52nd Street
Tel: +01 (212) 582 0052
Mon - Sat: 12 - 4.30pm, 5.30 - 12am 
Sun: 4 - 11pm
Other locations in Hell's Kitchen and Midtown East

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