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Japanese Omakase: Teppei

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Teppei and its Japanese Omakase experience is taking Singapore by storm. If you think that the rumored 2-4 weeks wait for a table is long, you would be in for a shock because they are actually full for the rest of the year. That was when i called in... May? Well... the trick to getting a table is to just put your name on the wait list first, and call them a couple of days before to check if people have canceled their reservation. Well, at least that's how i managed to sample the 13-15 course meal for a steal at 60 bucks! There is also a $50 omakase option that excludes the Wagyu beef and Toro. Needless to say we chose the more expensive option.

Love the coziness of the bar setting at Teppei. I love watching my food being prepared. It's great entertainment and there's always this anticipation of the next dish.

Chef Yamashita Teppei hails from Fukuoka, which also happens to be my next travel destination! ;) Now get ready for some serious food porn!
Refreshing salad in goma sauce to kick start the meal. I was really glad to know that all dishes come in small portions. Pacing myself for the 15 course!
Who doesn't love stewed daikon? These were stewed with the fatty yellowtail.
Freshly prepared tamago is my favorite. Those packaged ones are always too sweet for my liking. Add some freshly grated daikon and you have a refreshing dish.
Grilled edamame.
Super silky and smooth chawanmushi but i didn't like the fishy gravy.

Rice roll with a minced fish paste that was mixed with tempura batter to give it that light crunch. I'm not sure what paste this is (probably minced tuna belly) but it sure was yummy, especially with the light spicy spring onions. We noticed that people came in to take away some awesome don made with similar ingredients, which i suspect to be the Negitoro Kaisen Don ($14.95). Now that looked really mouthwatering with the generous chunks of marinated sashimi, minced tuna belly, salmon roe and tempura batter. ZOMG. Definitely coming back for this.
If a fish is good enough for me to pick off all the meat from the bone, it is good enough for anyone. Hur. The charred soy bits on the exterior of the slice was so good with the fatty collagen from the cheek! I'm dreaming of fish tonight..
The sashimi was fresh, sweet and buttery. What more can i ask for! Absolutely worth my 60 bucks.

Some other dishes that were quite average. A beancurd skin with slimy veg and a beansprout dish that i immediately passed over to S. The flavors are kinda reminiscent of the tofu dishes in Kyoto.
I've lost count of the courses but by this time i think i developed an understanding that Fukuoka cuisine is largely seafood based.

A zesty and lightly spiced oyster that glided down my throat easily. 
Barnacles. I've seen plenty of them during my dives and they always look really gross. But after Teppei, i'm seeing them in a different light.

It tasted like any other crustacean but i think it's most similar to the tail part of the crab claw (which i love). It's soft, briny and has a slightly roe-ish texture.

I've never had unagi tempura before and i guess there is a reason for that. The moisture in the unagi softens the batter quickly so it kinda spoiled the crunch. But if you love unagi, this 10x4cm parcel is gonna make you very happy. The tempura course changes so you may not get this.

Some grilled gingko nut for the birthday boy who is a regular at Teppei. Chef kept teasing him throughout dinner.
A rather substantial portion of stir-fried Wagyu cubes which i found to be on the powdery side. Hmm..

Some light Kani soup to warm us up after the rain. Spend some time getting to the meat, it's worth it.

For the main course, you should only order 1 thing, and that is the Sashimi rice. Trust me you won't regret it.

Fresh seafood was paired with Japanese Koshihikaru sushi rice from Toyama. The uni was to die for.
It's so good i need to show you another picture of it! :P

I know this is an excrutiatingly painful post for all you hungry people out there but they are too delicious not to share with you guys! ;) So yes, hurry make a booking! Special thanks to W who made this meal possible. If you are not on the wait list, then you better pray your friends have better luck. :)

Teppei Japanese Restaurant
1 Tras Link #01-18 Orchid Hotel
Tel: +65 6222 7363
Open daily: 12 - 2.30pm, 6.30 - 10.30 pm

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  1. Hmm, how long do I have to book in advance to get into this place?

    1. Last I heard they are fully booked till April 2014! But chef is also opening a couple more restaurants so you may have some luck 3rd and 4th quarter?