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Sentosa Restaurant: MUSEO

By Friday, September 06, 2013 , , ,

Quayside Isle on Sentosa Island is fast becoming the chill out spot for the young and fabulous. Sunset dining in the plush and luxurious setting, with a magnificent view of the marina littered with beautiful yachts; it is easy to think that you are on holiday. I recently checked out MUSEO, the sister restaurant of Arteastiq Boutique Tea House.

The vantage point over the marina allows you to people watch from your comfortable sofa seats. I found them rather perfect for hanging out with friends. 

We started with drinks first and Museo selection of cocktails is rather extensive with 30 specialty cocktails that have been created. I say go for their tea infused cocktails if you want something different.

I would certainly recommend the Mezzanine range for sharing. Choose from 12 tapas size bowls at about $12 each.

A good way to sample the various dishes is to customize your own Mezzanine set which allows you a choice of 4 dishes for only $39. Ignoring the pretentious names which are rather irrelevant to the food, the quality is actually not bad. In fact, i thought these were better than the main courses.

My favorite was the Deep fried prawns flavored with lavender. Juicy tempura prawn drizzled with sweet lavender mayo. The texture of the mayo was a bit like the tze char style but it had a light lavender perfume to it. Very delicious. The crispy but tender Smoked Roast Pork Belly also has our votes. The pepper crusted Tuna Tataki was rather refreshing with a tangy vinaigrette. The Soft Shell Chilli Crab packed a punch with the tomato based chili sauce with a hint of sambal in it.

The baked River Prawns and Linguine ($28) was saved by the well flavored aglio olio pasta that was citrusy and savory. The baked prawns didn't gel too well with the cheese and herbs and the meat was also on the dry side.

The Two-way Lamb ($35) that is the Chef's recommendation wasn't all that impressive as well. I found the lamb rack rather bland despite the cherry tomato chutney. The Shepherd pie fared a little better but nonetheless mediocre at best. 

We fast forwarded to tea to conclude our meal because of the disappointing mains. I've always loved the presentation of the tea at Arteastiq and i'm glad Museo kept to that. Don't you love the cups? Of course the teas were very soothing. I enjoyed my Ginger tea very much.

We ordered 3 desserts for sampling and each came with a choice of ice cream. The Green tea brûlée ($12) was obviously not given the TLC that it deserved. The golden caramel top was absent! Instead we had semi melted sugar granules sitting on top a curd that was too dense and gelatinous. 
The red wine stewed strawberries in the Strawberry Crumble ($12) was really sour on first taste but we quickly got used to that refreshing acidity. I liked the crispy and buttery crumble that was light and airy.
The dessert that takes the cake goes to the Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake ($12). Not that the vodka taste was particularly strong but we liked the light bitterness that was brought out in the molten centre.

Hits and misses at this one but if you just stick to the Mezzanine and end with tea and desserts, you should have a rather enjoyable date. Museo also does a weekend high-tea buffet from 1.30 to 5pm. Each diner gets to enjoy an elaborate range of intercontinental dishes, afternoon treats and desserts, complemented by Arteastiq’s signature range of tea sets for just $48 per person.

31 Ocean Way #01-22 Quayside Isle Singapore 098375
Tel: +65 6734 8066
Monday to Thursday: 2pm to 1am
Friday to Saturday: 1.30pm to 2am
Sunday: 1.30pm to 1am

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