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Pan Pacific Singapore The Edge- Peranakan Buffet

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If i were to pick a buffet to bring my relatives, or friends from overseas who wants a taste of local Singapore food in a comfortable setting, i would look no further than The Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel. Makan Makan is the latest Saturday lunch that Edge has introduced and the regular buffet is further enhanced with new Singaporean flavors and gastronomic Peranakan presentations. 
7 live food kitchens showcase freshly-made Asian and International delicacies including Japanese, Indian, Italian, Chinese and now you can even get Peranakan classics like Babi Pongteh (Stewed Pork Trotters in sweet Vinegar and Ginger- could have more vinegar), Ngo Hiang (minced spiced lobster, prawns and chestnuts encased in crispy beancurd skin), and aromatic Traditional Peranakan Chicken Curry. Top the dishes with the 5 homemade sambal which comes in five different flavours – Honey Mango Sambal Tumis, Salted Fish Sambal, Thai Basil and Pineapple Sambal, Red Balado Sambal and Fried Rice Kampong Sambal. 
Let's go straight into my highlights shall we?
From the live stations, i love love love the Tai Lok Mee, a dark sauce udon type of noodles stir fried with pork and seafood. The wok hei was superb and i am certain it's the magic from the fried pork lard. I'm typically rather health conscious but i devoured a plate of this and craved for more! GASP.
The Oyster Omelette was also one of the better ones i've eaten! The egg was crisp around the edges and fluffy in the middle and it was gelled together by the slightly chewy tapioca flour. I give this my stamp of approval.
Other local snacks like popiah, kueh pie tee (with lobster) and rojak are also made a la minute. 
I love that the Rojak was tangy, citrusy and juicy (with rose apple!). They even grill dried cuttlefish on the spot for that added oomph in the rojak. There's a selection of local dishes like Laksa (piled with ingredients), Nasi Lemak (with satay and otah), Teochew porridge, and even Ba Kut Teh (though i wish they add more flavor to the soup. It has tender meat though). Don't miss the roast pork belly by the way for they are salty, crispy with creamy but firm fats. 
My other favorite section is the Italian with their lovely thin crust crispy pizza that is full of melty stringy cheese! 
I've noted that there is a kaya toast section at the Edge on my several visits but did not have this due to tummy space constraints. Well, i can't believe i did not make the effort to eat this previously! It's super amazing with a cracker like texture despite the rather thick cut of toast (unlike Yakun). 
Go for the rich peanut butter, or the fragrant pandan kaya. This is best paired with the Teh Terik (though a little sweet).
Make sure you save space for desserts, or do like we do and start with that first #FOMO. Desserts are more local focused with the treats such as Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts, Portuguese Egg Tarts, Ice Kachang, and a signature selection of fragrant Durian-based desserts including Durian Puff, Durian Mousse Cake and Durian Pengat. 
We loved the Nyonya kuehs in particular. Lovely chewy mochi like skin encase a variety of filling like peanut, sesame and coconut. The kueh lapis looked dry but was spongy and soft when i bit into it. Have the Pandan Chiffon cake as well (make sure you drizzle gula melaka on it. Don't say i never share).
Brought my mama to Makan Makan and she enjoyed the local dishes, and was especially excited about the Nyonya desserts. Kudos to the chefs for accommodating her diet even (we requested for the noodles without pork and lard and it was done). 2 thumbs up for them! Definitely a great place to bring your folks! 

Makan Makan is available at the Edge every Sat from 12 to 2.30pm.

The Edge
Pan Pacific Singapore 
7 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039595 

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