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SKIRT, W Singapore Sentosa Cove

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Looking to have a great piece of steak without breaking the bank? Then it has to be SKIRT at W Hotel at Sentosa Cove for you. Every Mon to Thu, enjoy the new Route 88 menu which consists a 3 course signature steak dinner for only $88. 
Well of course there are other options for your mains such as pork, lamb, or fish, and vegetarian as well. But hello.. You did not go to SKIRT for that did you? 
Bread is a highlight here! The finishing charcoal grill yields a crusty blemished exterior which gives way to a fluffy pillowy inside. This loaf came with a creamy artichoke purée and a lightly spiced chorizo oil! Yes.. We asked for butter anyway because BUTTER.
Looking for some fancy drink? It was sweetness overload with our outrageously blue ginger yuzu Margarita. Just got for some red to go with your meal really. That's all I ask for you to do. 
I believe this is how the starters are typically presented. I obviously have no issues stealing (photos of) other diners' food. :))
For starters, definitely order the Crab Cake with cucumber and spiced foam. That crab cake in all its glory- pure, sweet shards of meat, untarnished by any other filling, packed and crusty all around. It holds its ground but when paired with that spicy garlic cream sauce.. It'll stir up some fuzzy feelings in you, just like when you lick that last bit of sauce off your fingers when you have chili crabs.. Sorry no pics for this because it was gone before i realized. 

Pictured above is the Tuna Ponzu and Chive Flower Slaw, for those who prefer a refreshing start to the meal. I loved the burst of lime in the ready sauce that coats the cold fatty chunks of tuna. The chives slaw and rice crisps provided the contrasting crunch that completes the dish. 
For something thirst quenching, the Nashi Pear and Beets Tartare Salad with Brin D'amour Goat Cheese. There's something very Korean about eating things wrapped up in lettuce. I wasn't missing the meat at all in this one. Don't worry about the cheese, it's pretty mild.
For something that's between a main and a starter, the Duck Confit with Root Vegetables may be an option. It's heavy no doubt, with meat, complex carbs, and some cream, but it was lacking in the salt department. That heavy feel was washed out by the palate cleanser of a whisky

Palate cleanser of minty-whisky-apple juice-ginger ale mouthwash concoction. It was a little hard to swallow but there was no doubt it was effective.
Now let's talk BEEF.
Skirt Duo of Beef, grilled on the Parilla Grill using prime Mesquite wood-fire. The smoky perfume was sufficient to flavor the meat but we polished the wasabi pea mash and wild field farmer's salad. nonetheless. In the foreground, the delicate tender piece of USDA prime. It blew our minds, until we tried that flavorful and juicy Australian Wagyu cooked in beef fat. BOOM and straight to beef heaven. The cut of meat changes depending on availability but one thing you can be sure of is that it is always good.
Oh chocolate chocolate chocolate! Standard chocolate dessert of ice cream, chocolate thins, crumble, and chocolate disc fudge. 
Want something of a heavier texture without the heavy overeating guilt? Then have the Yuzu cheese tart with Granny Smith Apple. I love that refreshing and tart creamy cheese cream layered between the snappy sable. Yums.
Trio Palette Creme Brûlée, milk chocolate and hazelnut, coconut & lemongrass, earl grey tea. Love the flavors and the creamy texture!!
The Route 88 menu is available at SKIRT every Mon to Thu from 6 to 10pm and is priced at $88. Make it your dinner tonight. Go ahead, you deserve it.

W Singapore Sentosa Cove 
21 Ocean Way Singapore 098374

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