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PPP Laser Clinic Singapore 360 Solution

By Sunday, September 04, 2016 ,

No time to spare but need a quick beauty fix? Pop over to one of the conveniently located PPP Laser Clinics for a quick treatment to revitalize your skin for a clearer and more radiant complexion. PPP Clinic's panel of qualified and accredited Doctors does medical aesthetic treatments focusing on the use of low dosage laser to minimise downtime and maximize results. 
I recently tried their newly launched 360 Solution treatment that consists 5 steps to improve Color, Consistency, and Contour of your face.

The P+ Intensive laser treatment disperses melanin and controls melanin formation. When done together with the Fractional Laser, superficial epidermal pigmentation are reduced too. Spots be gone! It also helps to cleanse the pores and control oil glands for acne recovery. Fractional Laser probably hurts the most, similar to strong ant bites but it was tolerable for me.
A smaller, slimmer and firmer face can be achieved with Collagen Remodeling and Radio Frequency treatment. Facial lines are reduced through the stimulation and creation of collagen and immediate effects can be seen. I could see a slight firming effect on my hamster cheeks. RF works very well for mature skin, especially with regular treatments.
Typical to laser treatments, you'll feel like your face is "burnt" immediately after the treatment. This effect is quite similar to sunburnt. I was glad that the 360 treatment also includes the PPP ion infusion with Hyaluronic Acid to cool (freeze) my skin and plump it up with moisture. Did you know that 1g of HA can hold up to 6l of water??! Amazing hur! 
Due to the low dosage of laser energy used in PPP clinic's laser treatments, there is no need for numbing cream pre treatment, and there is hardly any downtime (at least for me). The redness on my face subsided within 1-2h and by next day, my pimples have dried up! Peeling will occur in the week after the treatments as there is the skin rejuvenation effect. The peeling is very mild, like what you'd expect if you have sunburns. Porcelain skin is what you get after really. 

The whole treatment time (including consult and waiting time) for took less than 2h. The 360 treatment will set you back by $360. It's cheap. And for that, you get a makeshift treatment "rooms" (akin to A&E with curtains) with hardly any privacy as you can see from the photos. Well you get what you pay for. It probably take many sessions for you to see very significant effects too. 

PPP Laser Clinic
Various locations
Tel: +65 6100 1234 

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