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An European Omakase at Chef's Table by Chef Stephan

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I'm sure we are all familiar with the idea of Japanese Omakase, but how about an European one? Over at Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan on Tras Street, the menu is surprising every night, for every guest. A menu of the freshest, seasonal produce, is provided for you. 
Food Bingo? COUNT ME IN. Guests are provided with a list of ingredients that changes every couple of weeks. Simply cross out the ingredients that you do not like, and Chef Stephan Zoisl and his creative partner, Lorenz Raich, will whip out something based on that. New recipes guaranteed every time you dine here! Not only do you get to explore the option kitchen, the chefs also serve and explain every dish that they create for a truly interactive and intimate dining experience. 

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan offers three menus, 4, 6, or 8 courses ($98/128/150 per pax). I'd recommend that you go with the 6 course unless you're a big eater. 
Cured Mackerel
A refreshing start to our meal. The dish consists smokey mackerel, balanced with a tangy apple gel, puffed tapioca crisps, bronze fennel, fishy oyster leaves, pickled cucumber and basil oil. Careful of those fishy oyster leaves, they are stronger than the fish itself! 
The party was started proper with the Lobster Bisque. This intense aroma of this smoky umami broth reached us before the dish was presented and by then we were drooling. The smooth cream was paired with shards of crab meat and grilled octopus tentacles, with bursts of sweetness from the peas (shoots and blossoms included too). 
The soup paved way of another stellar pan seared Red Snapper which was a gorgeous piece of fish with an amazing crispy skin. Accompanying the star were artichokes done 3 ways (creme, roast poivrade artichoke & chips); green asparagus, delightful morsels of bouchot mussels and saffron stock.
The star of the night was the Pork Presa. I've not had such an amazing pork dish in a while! That Iberico pork was done like a perfect slice of beef, perfectly pink with a buttery mouthfeel. The caramelised onions creme, dehydrated shallots, roast shallot, shaved truffle and mustard leaves completes the dish. Honestly there was no need for the truffles at all, the onions were equals with the pork. 
Barbary Duck
Well the pork stole the thunder from the duck and creamy foie gras (which should have been seared IMO). 
Nothing to shout about the meat but the celeriac creme with a tart balsamic jus and chanterelle mushrooms helped to make it a little special. 
Flavours of Black Forest 
It's hard to go wrong with a chocolate-berries pairing and we had a light chocolate sponge & ganache paired with a sharp but sweet cherry sorbet, part of it frozen on the spot with nitrogen.

Like something that you see here? Well all recipes served are recorded in Chef's Table's encylopaedia of recipes. You can request for the same dish if they have the required ingredients.
The wine cellar at Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan is also quite impressive, with over 100 labels personally selected and curated by General Manger & Sommelier, Per Drews. Just like the seasonal produce on the menu, every bottle of wine at the restaurant is available only in small numbers. Imported mainly from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy, Per opens new bottles of wine on a daily basis to pair with the ever-changing menu. 

I think Chef’s Table is quite perfect for intimate (first or repeated) dates, or a posh night out with friends. Will be back!
61 Tras Street Singapore 079000 
Tel:+65 6224 4188
Tue- Sat: 6pm-12am

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