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Restaurant Review: BonChon Chicken Singapore (Bugis+)

By Tuesday, June 05, 2012 , , , ,

Dropped by Bugis for some shopping and checked out Bugis+ (previously known as Iluma shopping centre) after buying Koi. It's a new mall with plenty of shops like Berskha, neu look and Uniqlo (attending the opening event tmr!). I'm just digressing a little. This post is different from my usual because it's the first time I'm sharing with you guys what not to eat and BonChon Chicken Singapore is the first to make the list on my blog.

W and I saw the BonChon chicken outlet which is unlike the fast food version at Ion. I was hoping that at least this would be a little more similar to the awesome BonChon wings i've had in NYC, but it WAS NOT!

Never in my life have I had wings so dry. The seasoning and sauce used to coat the wings were similar to the original but the chicken was badly prepared. A proper establishment should NEVER double-fry or triple-fry their food. It should be made fresh! The meat was really dry and stale and it was tasteless.
We ordered the Korean seafood pancake because it looked and sounded promising but omg it was TERRIBLE. For S$12.90, this is pathetic. The thin and whitish looking batter barely coats the pitiful strands of scallion and the seafood was non existent. I get better stuff at food courts even.

Verdict- DO NOT EAT
Food: 1/5 terrible quality but edible. Still damn pissed for wasting calories on bad food.
Service: 2/5 they were obviously not ready for service. We stepped in and they were just waiting for each other to serve us. Tsk.
Ambience: 1/5 The restaurant is split into 2 halves and random people were cutting through the space to get to the mall toilets!

BonChon Chicken Singapore
#01-03, Bugis+ Shopping Centre
201 Victoria Street
(I'm stating the location so that you can make sure you don't visit this place)

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  1. This for sharing such a yucky experience

  2. Yes it was DAMN BAD. I feel nauseous just thinking about that dry and stale chicken. URGH.

  3. double-frying technique is supposed to be their selling point. Although it doesn't taste as good as the one in South Korea but it's definitely not as bad as what u described. Exaggerating and misleading.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for the enlightening info on the double frying technique used by Bon Chon. Perhaps you have missed the point of the review. I have no issues with the cooking method as long as the meat stays juicy and succulent. But that was not what i had, as evidenced by the picture. Maybe they had a bad day that day but that was indeed my experience, as well as my friend's.

      However, i don't think the review is misleading or exaggerating. Food reviews are subjective, as are all reviews of any genre. My advice is to take everything with a pinch of salt unless you are sure you have similar taste buds as the blogger. I don't follow all the food bloggers blindly as well. There is a need to distill information that you get off then Internet. Hope that helps.

  4. Oh no, such a bad experience? But they were obviously understaffed

    1. It was empty when I was there and the staff were sitting around, not even paying any attention to us. I hope it is better now but that experience was enough to stop me from going back.

  5. Was there on National Day eve. Ordered 8 piece wings and a hoegaarden. Sad to say the wings were still every bit as bad as Ms skinnyfat reported. All I can add is thank goodness for the beer.

    1. Oh geesh. Still no change? That really ruins the brand! :(

  6. ms-skinnyfat, you gotta try ChickenUp at Tanjong Pagar. It's so juicy and tender but crispy outside. That's my all time favourite Korean Fried Chicken. I took many friends over there, you can't compare it to Arnold or any other Korean Fried Chicken places. the place is a bit tacky but taste is sooooooo goooood.