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Travel Review: Croatia

By Thursday, June 07, 2012 , , ,

Hello folks! I'm off on a trip to a beautiful land with sapphire blue Adriatic sea, magnificent city walls, monasteries, medieval churches, graceful squares and fascinating residential quarters. The entire nation is practically a UNESCO World Heritage site! Croatia is still an undiscovered gem by many Singaporeans but it is Europe's vacation hotspot! Central Europe is really quite cool. Check it out.
Dubrovnik- UNESCO World Heritage Site with it's unrivaled view of the Adriatic Sea. Surprised to know how this walled city was shelled during the 1990's Homeland War and how fast it has bounced back since.
Credits: WideRange.ord
Plitvice Lakes National Park with the dozens of lakes, waterfalls and luscious spruce, fir and pine trees. Doesn't it make you feel like jumping into the pools of blue right now?
Credits: The Telegraph UK
How about some chilling out at the Diocletian Palace, emperor retirement style, sipping coffee at the Peristil after exploring the inner city maze?

Yes. this is the year of off-the-beaten-path traveling. That's just a preview of what's to come. Will be back some time later, but if i'm not, don't look for me. I really don't wish to come back. :P Will try to post snippets on the roads. Maybe do a visual diary thing instead of writing. Don't miss me too much!


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  1. Hello. Awesome destination. Do you mind sharing any trip itineary that you may be putting together as well as recommendations on where to stay and eat and do?
    Thanks heaps. Michele

    1. Hey Michele, i'll definitely be sharing my trip along with some recommendations. It'll be a compilation of guidebook stuff as well as forum research along with local finds (the crazy planner strikes again!) Stay tuned!