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Cafe Review: LeBan HK Cafe

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As promised, here is part 2 of my invited media tasting by Irvin's Live Seafood House.

LeBan HK Café just began operation last month (June 2012) and is located just beside Irvin's at 2 Jalan Leban. The food served is very different from the parent restaurant. LeBan focuses on the Hong Kong Cafe style of simple snacks and dishes. I would consider this to be quite the perfect supper hangout because they open till 2am daily! The place was packed by the time we finished dinner at 10pm! Very popular with the Thomson crowd i must say and it's obviously for a good reason.
Hong Kong cafes are famous for their thick toasts but there's the option of a Crispy Butter Bun with Condensed Milk (S$4.00). The buns were nicely toasted all around which gives it that nice brown crust and the delightful crunch with each bite. Ok now i feel like having some condensed milk toast!! Argh.. should never write about food at night!
Savoury French Toast Bites with Ice Cream (S$4.90). This is one of my favorites at LeBan! Deep fried breaded cubes served with a scoop of New Zealand Natural ice cream. Immediate stamp of approval! See those awesome black specks of vanilla beans? Oooh yea. I love the pillowy texture of the bread and how it soaks up the creamy vanilla. Perfect combination of hot and cold. There's quite a selection of ice cream flavors- Choc Fudge Brownie, Cookies n Cream, Vanilla Classic, Green Tea, Boysenberry Dream, Mango Sorbet and Strawberry Surprise. Greedy me asked for more ice cream to go with the bread cubes. 

Potato with Corned Beef Hash and Egg (S$5.50) is that sort of simple home cooked dishes that goes extremely well with porridge. I've never had Corned Beef before this. We usually do luncheon meat at home. :P So anyway when it was served, i thought it's the black carrot cake at the hawker centers. Doesn't it look like that? This is quite a savory dish and it doesn't taste bad but definitely not something that i'd order on its own. 

Seafood Baked Rice in Cream Sauce (S$9.80). The prawns were plump and crunchy but i think they could be a little more generous with the seafood. Though i must say that we should set our expectations right with the price as well. I like that it's fried rice instead of plain rice so that it's more savory. The cream base is a little bland but there's a nice light hint of corn in the sauce (which i love). Cheese lovers would love this one. Tomato base is also available.
Sizzling Crispy Noodles with Jumbo Prawns (S$8.50) from Leban. I love my Crispy Seafood Egg Noodles but this is not that. If you love the Sweet and Sour Pork sauce, you'd love this one but i didn't like it. The sauce was really overpowering and sweet for my liking. Melissa finished the whole thing though! While the noodles are really crispy, it felt too airy and lacked in the texture aspect. 

You can give the Cheese Fries a miss as well. There wasn't enough sauce on ours and the fries were a little stale (perhaps all that food photography spoiled it). I thought it was too dry and the cheese hardened too quickly.
The Sun Fried Ice Cream (S$4.00) is a must eat over here. Huge fried breaded ice cream topped with chocolate rice, hot on the outside, cold on the inside. I like how there is a mix of textures. Again, quality ice cream from NZ Natural is used here. You get to choose from a selection of Vanilla, Cookies n cream, Green Tea and Choc Fudge Brownie. The green tea flavored one wasn't very intense though. I think the Japanese does it better.
Another great dessert to have is the Affogato (S$4.80). I'm not sure about the coffee beans used here but the creamy ice cream really helped in making this a smooth dessert. My original plan was to have 1 by myself but the everyone decided to share it. :( Should have asked for another one. Loved this dessert. And that's Derrick sneakily finishing off the dessert! HOR! 
Food: 4/5 Most of the dishes that we tried were good. Should have ordered my usual instant noodles though. That's like my must eat at HK cafes.

Another discount special for my readers!
Quote "Funky Food" when making payment and be entitled to 10% discount at Leban HK Cafe. Available from now till end July 2012. Ngom ngom ngom!

LeBan HK Cafe
2 Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 577547
Daily: 4pm- 2am
Tel: +65 6257 8801

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  1. i posted my share too.

    awww, i missed the French Toast Bites with Ice Cream and Affogato. droool, im hungry :(

    1. I keep craving for French Toast! That's why I ended up having tt for breakfast yesterday. Haha.

  2. Aiyo why you are post my pic LOL

    1. Haha must show tt the affogato is really as nice as I said. Evidence!! :))

  3. I love their butter bun too!! Can't help having another serving :P Didn't try the ice cream, and look like I've missed out something nice! Haha