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Event: Jason Mraz- Tour is a 4 letter word

By Sunday, July 01, 2012

Just attended Jason Mraz's 'Tour is a 4 letter word' concert, 29 June, at The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay. The Meadows is Singapore’s largest outdoor garden concert venue. An estimated 10000 people attended his concert! Corrinne May just held her concert the following night at the same location.
No fanciful set, no costume changes, no gyrating hot bodies a la Lady Gaga but definitely a more real concert experience. Just great music, by the people who live it, for the people who love it. Gotta love JM for being a real artiste- one who respects the audience (he started on the dot at 8pm) and he just performed the entire night, song after song. 2h 20mins of awesome tunes from past albums and the new one. Love love love. Favorites like I'm Yours, Mr Curiosity, Bella Luna were belted. Guest starring Corinne May who did Lucky with Jason.
Glad that we got the tickets! Went early at 6pm and we were right in front and could actually see his facial expression and watch him play the whole night.

Only downside would be the crowd control issue after the concert. There are only 2 exits and it took us an hour to get out of the place. A total of 1h 20mins was required to get back to our car at Marina Bay Sands. :/ Thank god everyone was orderly but the wait was crazy. Management definitely needs to do something about this.
So here, enjoy this song from Mraz. "I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough.."

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  1. I'm SO excited I'm gonna see Jason Mraz at Madison Square Garden (NYC) in Dec!!! He is a truly talented musician, and his lyrics have real substance -- not the typical crappy pop that's more about gyrating in ridiculous costumes. I'm also glad to hear it was a mix of the new album as well as old favorites. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Remedy, Curbside Prophet, Geek in Pink, I Won't Give Up, 93 MIllion Miles, ok you get the pic... Was there a particular song that he gave a cool new twist to? Any unexpected covers?