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Fashion: Balenciaga Arm Candies

By Wednesday, July 17, 2013 ,

Balenciaga is still one of my favorite brands despite how so many Singaporean women are carrying it these days. 

Still, I don't go for the conventional City. My first Bal is the Twiggy. Very casual and I love how the tassels give it that rocker chick look. Love the reddish Pourpre from many seasons ago. Still one of my favorite bags!
My second Bal is the First in Canard and RGGH (that's rose gold giant hardware in Bal speak). Took me forever to hunt down the greenish blue hue. I thought it was lost to me forever but then I found it in HK. Mini bags for the mini me. The First doesn't hold much but it's an ok evening bag because of the color and the hardware adds a touch of sophistication.
Finally my latest Bal addition, the Triple Tour Bracelet in Bleu Tropical. The S size fits me ok but the overall width overwhelmed my tiny wrist at first. Getting used to this and I'm starting to love the look.

Will more Bs join my bag family? Hmm.. Well... Stay tune and find out. ;)

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