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Happy Valentine's Day- Krispy Kreme

By Tuesday, February 14, 2012 , ,

To all the sweethearts, longing hearts, lonely hearts, lovely hearts, broken hearts, single heart, young at heart, beating hearts, skipping hearts, heart throbs, fluttery hearts and many more... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Here are some sweet hearts for you by Krispy Kreme! Sorry, there are no real ones left because i've eaten all of them! Super yums. 
Of course, we don't get any KK here on this pathetic little island. I absolutely love this. Crispy exterior, glazed with icing, made of fluffy dough and a smooth creamy soft centre. Makes me wanna bite into it and devour it whole. Just like every heart out there. (Now that sounds creepy.) I meant heart shaped doughnuts of course.

I recently got a chance to sink my teeth into these little babies. KL was the origin of these deep fried, artery clogging, sinful as hell ding dongs and that's the closest to which we could get some KK. I was the oversized little girl (ok.. i know people who would beg to differ) in the candy store, with eyes gleaming and mind churning with choices of my impending buy.

The love affair started when S bought me some KK (got his friend to get from Down Under). The then-romantic him didn't just deliver the doughnuts, he bought me a microwave oven, claiming that KK tastes the best after microwaving for 8 seconds. So that's how i eat my KK these days. Disclaimer: 12-15s will be ideal if you take it out from the fridge. How sweet and cute was he? Times have changed.. Problem of being in a long term relationship. Le sigh.

Whatever it is, it's Valentine's! Even though i'm gonna be spending it at Yoga class(es) punching, kicking and screaming (and pretending that my unromantic boyfriend is the target), i wish that all you hearts out there have fun. Remember, love comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. So have your heart(s) and eat it! 

Author's note: S walked in on me writing this post and asked me what silly thing i was doing. I told him that even though i have a super unromantic boyfriend, it doesn't stop me from being a romantic at heart. :P I really wanna punch this idiot. BOO.

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