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Hawker Review: Lao Ban Soya Beancurd

By Sunday, February 26, 2012 , , , ,

Lao Ban Beancurd is currently the craze in the tau hway circle right now. People have been raving about the milky and smooth fluid texture of the soy bean curd. I wouldn't say i'm a beancurd fan but i do have my favorites. I've remained rather faithful to Rochor Beancurd at Selegie Road, it's really silky and delicate (perfect dessert for a lady). Anyhoo, the boy and i headed to Old Airport Road for lunch and he insisted that i gotta give it a try.

And the queue was INSANE. We waited for 30 minutes for our turn! Halfway down the line we realized that we were in the queue for the Lor Mee! Sheesh. There are just too many queues at the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre. Thankfully the people behind us were very blur as well so nobody cut our line. :) 
Everyone in the queue bought at least 4 bowls of beancurd at a go, not surprising since it doesn't make sense to queue for half an hour just to get a bowl of desserts. Sharing is caring anyway. Likewise, we bought a grand total of 11bowls of beancurd. :P The original flavor costs $1.50 while the almond one costs $2 and we went away with a grand total of $17 worth of tau hway. 

Perhaps the bar was raised too high with all the roaring reviews but i don't think i would be queueing for this anytime soon. I have to admit that the texture is really intriguing- the curd simply melts into a milky liquid upon consumption. When i first lifted the cover, i thought that it has yet to solidify because the pudding is so wobbly. I could see why people would queue for hours for this.

This is definitely more milky than the usual tau hway. It's made from fresh soy bean milk, tamed with creamer and malt before it's curdled with gelatin. Perhaps i'm still thinking about my favorite Yee Shun steamed milk pudding (read about it here), which some reviewers have likened this to, but honestly this is not the same. And there's no level ground for comparison because they are essentially different (other than the fact that they are both Chinese milky desserts).

The almond one has a bit more character to it. I was afraid that the almond powder/essence would be too overpowering but it lends a nice subtleness to the otherwise bland curd. S only offered me a mouthful before he proceeded to gulp the entire bowl. :(

I wouldn't mind having this IF someone decides to be nice and buys it for me but certainly no more queueing for this. So there you go, a sweet end to the weekend. Enjoy!

Lao Ban Soya Beancurd
51 Old Airport Road, #01-127
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tel: +65 8181 2201
Tue–Sat: 11.30am – 8pm
Sun: 1pm – 8pm
(Closed on Mon)

#01-91 Maxwell Food Market
Tue–Sun: 11.30am – 2pm

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