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Food & Travel Review: Kuala Lumpur- Ben's General Food Store

By Wednesday, February 22, 2012 , , , , , ,

Some weekends ago, Z and i celebrated her birthday in Kuala Lumpur (WOOWHEE). Our 2D1N adventure started out with hanging out in the Bangsar area after breakfast at Antipodean (will write about that soon). Debs recommended Antipodean over Ben's General Food Store and Plan B for breakfast but it was still a far cry from what we are used to in Sg. Anyway, since BGF was in the area, we popped by to take a look.

Ben's General Food Store in the Kuala Lumpur Bangsar Village area is akin to Jones the Grocer in Singapore. They have a good selection of condiments, pasta (dried and prepared), spices, chocolates etc. at the Shop section. Some cheeses and cured/marinated meats for easy cooking are available too. I wanted to cook Z a birthday lunch back at our place (Fraser's Place provided us with all the cooking tools) but obviously she didn't trust me/my cooking skills enough so that didn't materialize.

The restaurant is quite popular with the yuppies and expats, just like what you see here in Sg (at WH, Epicurious, Jones...) Breakfast food, Lunch food, milkshakes, coffees, desserts and all are available. We didn't know how good the food is till much later... 

Love window grocery shopping. I can spend hours in the supermarket just looking and buying stuff. :)) Anyway because we were so stuffed, we decided to forgo lunch and pack something for tea instead. The pastry selections looked pretty yums. They have 3 tiered carrot cakes as well as chocolate cakes! Imagine layers of frosting in between the 3 layered sponge. They only serve the slices if you dine in and they didn't have the smaller ones for sale so we had to forgo eating them.

Anyway, we settled for the spiced chorizo muffin as well as sausage bun (not the one in the picture). We got another cheese sausage roll from Starbucks (surprise surprise) because it looked really good. The Sg Starbucks is an absolute failure when it comes to food.

The savory muffin was real deli. See the chunks of chorizo? They added a nice saltiness to the muffin. The texture of the muffin is a dense but surprisingly fluffy sponge. Reminded me of the corn muffin from Kenny Rogers (one of my fav!). There is a nice cheesy flavor to the muffin as well. I also love how the chopped up spring onions and spices added a breath of freshness to the butter, flour, egg batter. There are also sundried tomatoes in them. YUMS!  This is a HUGE muffin btw, Z had to finish most of it because i'm a mouse when it comes to eating (only when i choose to be). After trying the green egg muffin at the Muffinry, i have to conclude that M does it better because it's more moist. Perhaps it's to do with the avocado in it and the smaller size of the muffin as well?

 Anyway, i would certainly head back to try the other food at Ben's next time i'm headed to KL. On our way back we spotted the same cakes at Plan B. Apparently they are all under the BIG Group of restaurants. So i suppose you could dine at either.

Best way to enjoy a cuppa? With BFFs of course. Cheers to one of our favorite meals and to friendship!

Ben's General Food Store
Bangsar Village IG17 & G18, Ground Floor
No 1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2284 8790
Daily: 10.30am – 10.30pm

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