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Hawker Review: Hidden Finds- Le Cuisson

By Tuesday, February 28, 2012 , , ,

S has been making me eat a lot of hawker food these days. It's almost like boot camp. Warnings and demands of dining at air conditioned environments have landed on deaf ears. The weather is driving me nuts these days and after back to back hot yoga sessions, you can't blame me for being a little spoilt. :P

Our dinner destination was Le Cuisson. Boy was being secretive as usual as he led me through the maze which is Bugis Village and tried to throw me off guard with the 'oh-we-are-lost' routine. It was all too bad because i have already heard about the place. HA. French food in a hawker setting, unpretentious storefront and down to earth blokes as chefs, everything looks pretty much promising. I parked myself under the fan and waited earnestly for my food to be served. 

The food is priced reasonably and by that i mean cheap (for French food that is). There are about 6 mains to choose from. I understand that the chefs introduce special dishes every now and then depending on the availability of ingredients. Prices range from $8 (Mushroom Penne) to $29 (Blackmore Wagyu Steak) and that obviously made our pockets very happy as well. Was just kinda disappointed because they don't do duck confit. That's a MUST HAVE at any decent French stall. :((

For starters, we had the Foie Gras Terrine ($12)- slow cooked Foie Gras, toasted focaccia with orange reduction. Should have gone for pan seared but i was lured by the focaccia (what was i thinking?!). Anyway, it was nicely cooked and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. The orange reduction is like a fresh marmalade jam and the citrus helped mask some of the gamey taste of the liver. Don't expect too much of the foie gras, you get what you pay for. It's passable, not particularly creamy or buttery.

The Coq Au Vin ($12) was quite a delight. Red wine braised chicken, bacon, mushrooms with roast vegetables, served with focaccia. I was expecting a stew when i ordered this. Nonetheless, the meat separated from the bone easily but the meat wasn't particularly tender. Some parts were a little dry. The sauce was nicely done though and the remnants of the alcohol was still lingering in the meat. The sauce had just the right amount of bitterness and a hint of tartness of the wine but it was mostly sweet and full bodied. The bread however was a little stale. Of course i do not expect them to be baking it fresh daily but it fell short.

S had the grilled 150 Day Grain Fed Australian Angus Steak for $14 and it was served with a Mesclun salad, pomme puree and green peppercorn sauce. The meat is done medium (no other options) but it was really juicy, tender and flavorful. Could tell that the pomme puree was painstakingly made with love. Buttery smooth but it maintained a little bit of coarseness (so that you know it's not made from instant mix!). Such a steal.  

Most of their patrons obviously went to the coffeeshop with a purpose. It's in an older estate after all and most people would go for the zi char or Hainanese curry rice (looks really yummy btw!) if they didn't know about the place. Highly recommended for cheap French food. You gotta have the steak for sure.

Le Cuisson
Blk 269b Queen Street
#01-236/237 Stall 12

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