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Food Review: Hidden Finds- Alfero Artisan Gelato

By Wednesday, February 15, 2012 , , , ,

Yesterday my colleague asked me if i do my food hunting everyday because i update with all these yummy food fairly regularly. As much as i would love to do so, i don't have that much time either. Life would be so awesome if i'm employed as a food critic and in between meals, i'll just yoga/exercise the calories away. Job offers anyone? :))

As mentioned previously, the sat that just passed was spent cafe hopping (read about it here). S insisted on having ice cream at a secret unknown location (to me at that point in time) and we ended up at some HDB estate in MacPherson and i was thinking about the possibility that a really swell gelato place (according to him) is located here.
So there, in the sleepy estate of MacPherson, some void deck establishments have been set up and one of which is Alfero Artisan Gelato. It may sound familiar because there is another branch at Marina Square which is pretty popular (though i haven't heard about it before).  

What i couldn't stomach at first was the lack of visuals of my ice cream before i was served. I'm a visual person and i like to see my food. I'm always very disturbed when presented with a menu without pictures. That is also the reason why i have so many food pictures on the blog. You can tell (or i can) the texture of the dish, gain knowledge on the ingredients (i look out for things that i don't want so that i can highlight to the server) and gauge whether you are in the mood for a particular dish. I don't think i'm weird.
So Alfero's gelato are stored in the Pozzetto cabinet to prevent contamination by the air and light. Very high QC i must say. The owner/chef happily offered us tastings and even encouraged us to try more flavors. And it was really milky creamy and smooth. I like to think that gelato is less fattening than normal ice cream because it has a lower butterfat content that traditional ones. But honestly, ice cream is fattening regardless of its type.

We chose the Hazelnut and Pistachio ($7.50, even though i only remember paying $6.50?). The flavors are quite intense, especially for Pistachio. I usually don't order this flavor because most of the time it tastes anything but pistachio, just plain artificial. But this is different. I felt like i was eating the nut itself and for the first time i tasted the saltiness in the flavor which absolutely fits into my sweet+savory list of food to eat (read about my quirk here). I would love for some contrasting texture in the gelato though. It's always nice to have something to chew on. Explains why i love eating Ben & Jerry's from the tub. That said, this is one smooth fellow.
Nothing beats having good ice cream after dinner, especially if it's just within walking distance (though we don't live in MacPherson). That's the charm of the heartlands, unpretentious and homey. Just another neighborhood joint, but not so neighborhood. I like.

81 Macpherson Lane, #01-37
Tel: +65 6848 4269
Tues-Sat: 12 - 9pm
Sun: 12 -6pm
Closed Mondays
#02-226A/B, Marina Square Shopping Centre
Open daily (i suppose)

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