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Cafe Review: Hidden Finds- The Coffee Daily

By Saturday, February 11, 2012 , , ,

Did you know that there was previously an Awfully Chocolate branch in the Serangoon Gardens area? (Read about why i love Gardens here) I would support North-Easties would have known about it. Sadly, the famous Hei ice cream was no longer to be enjoyed when AC closed down. In its place, a little nondescript cafe has set up shop to serve the residents coffee (YAY! Coffee Bean just doesn't do it for me these days!) and simple sandwiches.This little cafe is called The Coffee Daily. 

It was on one of my morning rounds when i caught a glimpse of the place (happened to be looking to get some stuff from AC). From the looks of the shopfront (i was a distance away), i thought it was those old school coffee bean roasting shop. I'm sure you would agree with me just by looking at the picture below. Anyway that was until S informed me about a new cafe in the area and that's when i took a closer look at it.
Keeping to the theme of an 80s shophouse/flat, the owners stuck to simple yet iconic features that reminded me of the good old days when i was a child and had nary a care about the world. Life was simple but good (what would i know right? i was a kid. of course it was fun for me.). The nostalgia of the days of dropping by the neighborhood grocery shop to get candies and traditionally baked biscuits or buying stationary and stickers from the bookshop uncle..   
Fragmented marble tiled and concrete flooring, naked light bulbs and iron grills, tilled walls and exposed piping running along the walls. A rocking chair. Mismatched chairs. Even though the feel is supposed to be old but it sends off a modern vibe.

The selection of food is not very varied. I was craving for some foccacia and cheese and had every intention to head to the supermarket to get the ingredients and make it myself, but of course laziness got the better of me. I went with the Turkey Ham Foccacia ($9.50) because it is exactly the thing i was craving for. Ordered a hazelnut latte ($5.80) to go along with it too.

The coffee wasn't too bad, quite milky and smooth. I suppose the hazelnut syrup neutralized any acidity in the beans. I suppose i'd make better judgment if i ordered the plain latte but heck it, i love my coffee sweet and flavored. I'm not a connoisseur and i don't intend to become one anyway. I'm really not that picky when it comes to coffee but of course i can differentiate the good from the bad and this is hmm... average?

The sandwich did kind of satisfied my craving (at least the foccacia part). It isn't spectacular and i actually expected better. Honestly, even i could make a better sandwich. Swiss bake's foccacia, freshly sliced gourmet ham (instead of this packaged one) and Reblochon cheese or some fresh Brie, butterhead lettuce and sliced tomatoes on the vine (there isn't any in this sandwich). Quality ingredients and food are essential to the survival of a coffee place. You can't survive on coffee alone really. That said, the sandwich isn't thhhhaaaaatttt bad. It's hm barely passable but i just feel that they could do a lot better than this? The sandwich is interestingly served with tapioca chips which were strangely addictive after a while (i'm not a tc fan).

There is more than enough space to accommodate about 20 odd customers but i was the only one there at lunch time on a Saturday. I suppose that's because people haven't heard about it yet. So here you go! There's no service charge or gst as well. No studying or working allowed here but i suppose reading and chilling out is fine.

I wouldn't mind coming back if i'm in the area and have a caffeine urge. Sure beats drinking the crap at coffee bean. Should have tried the Shepherd's pie and carrot cake that some other reviewers were raving about. Perhaps the next time.

(Author's note: This is a crazy cafe hopping Saturday for me. First the Coffee Daily, then the Muffinry, followed by Le Chasseur Claypot rice [truly bad service] and Alfero's gelato. I'll try to update with the other posts soon, hopefully before the week ends. Too many posts, too little time. I think i need to stop eating for a while..)

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent
Tel: +65 6284 8894
Tue - Sun: 9am - 6pm
Fri: 9am - 4pm
Closed on Mondays

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