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Hawker Review: Albert Street Prawn Noodles

By Monday, February 27, 2012 , , ,

The boy loves Prawn noodles but i'm not a big fan of it (just like how i'm not a big fan of most local 'delicacies'). It's just not particularly healthy because prawns are high in cholesterol level but i guess once in a while is fine.

Anyway, S conned me into having prawn noodles for lunch yesterday. We were first driving around in the Siglap/Katong area and he asked if i wanted PN for lunch (we were just outside the Beach Road Prawn noodle store) and i said no. Someway or another, we ended up at Old Airport Road and guess what we had? PRAWN NOODLES. It's just one of those days when he absolutely has to satisfy a nagging craving and that's when the gf's tummy doesn't matter at all. Had to settle for this because i had no idea what to eat and the tasty wanton mee queues were just too long.

Albert Street Prawn Mee is apparently quite famous and despite the lack of a physical queue, we were placed on a waiting list and the food took a while to be served. Before ordering, we noticed that many patrons were having the noodles and the broth has a crimson appearance to it and everyone finished their food so that has to mean something right?
The Big Prawn Noodles costs $5 per bowl and there are 3 prawns that are sliced into halves. They are served with a spoonful of curry powder for additional flavoring. It didn't make much of a difference to the already rich broth. Perhaps a taste of Indian spices? The soup is very sweet- it's more of a sugary sweetness than the seafood sweetness. I would prefer a savory seafood stock even though this is quite tasty.

I love the prawns! They are succulent and fresh, with a nice crunchy texture to each bite. The meat separates from the shell with relative ease and there's the orangey prawn roe that is oh-so-buttery and sinful. The roe is always the best part to any crustacean.
The dry version is quite nice if you like fried shallots. It is seasoned with shallot oil and some soy sauce. I would definitely request for more chili to give the noodles an additional kick.  
They have other sides to go with the prawn noodles, such as pig's tail, pork ribs, intestines, clams etc. This is definitely better than the Adam Road food centre's prawn noodles (which is such a huge disappointment because their standard keeps dropping). You can have Lao Ban for desserts after (read about it here)!

Albert Street Prawn Noodle (Old Airport Road Food Centre)
51 Old Airport Road
#01-10 Old Airport Road Food Centre
Tel: 9852 0881
Daily: 8.30am – 11.30pm

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