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Bag Woes: Gym bags for Women

By Monday, December 05, 2011

I have a bag problem. It has come to my attention that i am lacking a big sized carryall for gym. Since i started going for yoga classes, i realized that i've been in a small bag phase for a very long time (my definition of very long is actually 2 years). How is a girl supposed to look fashionable after yoga if she has to lug around a huge ass sports duffel like that from Nike, Puma or the other sports brand. Those bags are only appropriate IF you are lazy and do not bother changing out of your gym attire. I however do not advise that. Gym wear is not attractive, unless you are showing off your washboard abs but even i don't do that.  

I've been making do with my Longchamp Le Pliage tote in graphite. This is my brainless day to day bag. Perfect for throwing it all around, rain or shine, dust or grime. It's quite small too but manageable since my pieces of clothing aren't that big.

My other option is to use my Limited Edition Eiffel Tower Le Pliage Tote. I seldom use this because the bag gobbles everything up! It's amazing how a bag that small (or big) can make things disappear once you put them in. I usually take a minute or two just to find something that i need. Yes i need a bag organizer and i do have them, it's just really troublesome still. 
I was in a terrible rush for class today because I couldn't find a bag BIG enough to throw all the things i need. Plus i had to send another bag in for servicing at the shop (story for another time. Was quite pissed at the bag/brand). I had no choice but to carry S's Graphite Medallion Luggage which i borrowed it for my upcoming Vietnam trip.   
I love that the bag is so roomy and perfect for traveling. It is also a really good gym bag! Though it looks ridiculously big on me. I think i can sit in it. 

I seriously need an alternative. I think the YSL medium Easy would be perfect. I was so close to getting one in June but i couldn't get hold of a particular limited edition that i wanted. OOS in Europe and i wouldn't pay that 1k extra for the same bag in SG.
Lovely right? Black eyelet studs. S thinks that they look like little evil eyes. Love the toned down rocker look. Same reasons why i love the Alexander Wang Rocco (Read about it here). Too bad, no luck with the bag.. :(

I shall continue searching for a suitable gym bag for all you ladies out there. We definitely need a nice bag to match an after-gym hot bod! Updates soon!

If you have any suggestions, do share it with everything by leaving a comment. :))

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