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MyBags: An introduction

By Thursday, December 01, 2011

I'm a self confessed bagaholic. I don't know when it begun. I think it is a genetic thing that was passed on to me from my mum. I've been buying bags for her on my travels since 6years back.

It all started with Prada, a gift from S's aunt for my 21st. Then when before the Burberry Blue craze hit our sunny island, i was already a proud owner of 2 BB bags. My bagaholic nature probably escalated during my grad trip when i went to the States and went crazy with all the Coach and Kate Spade bags (a HUGE mistake i must say. Never ever will i do it again). That was also when i became aware of Bottega Veneta and i almost got a handbag from there. Long story so read more about my bottega family here.

That same year (or was it the year after), i went to Paris and got my first Chanel. <3 Best decision i've made in my life. S's mum was goading me to get one after she got her cavier classic flap. That winter, i came back with a Chanel and an LV Tivoli (another mistake, more on that later).

Thereafter, it was just bags after bags after bags. Balenciaga, Mulberry, another Balenciaga, another Bottega Veneta and another...

W and i did a count of all the bags i own, criteria being more than 100 bucks (not really fair) and the figure was quite astronomical. Moral of the story is, be careful what you give someone a gift, it may change their lives forever. Case in point.

I'll share my bags with you in due course. Each of them has a little story of their own. Have fun reading! Do tell me what is your favorite or most coveted bag! Would love to hear about them.

Till then..

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